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Dibs in Search of Self

Dibs in Search of Self is a book by clinical psychologist and author Virginia Axline published in 1964. The book chronicles a series of play therapy sessions over a period of one year with an emotionally crippled boy (Dibs) who comes from a wealthy and highly educated family. Despite signs that he is gifted, his mother, father, and most of his teachers perceive him as having an emotional or cognitive disorder. Dibs presents abnormal social behavior by continuously isolating himself, rarely speaking, and physically lashing out at those around him. When Axline first meets Dibs's parents, they describe her as their son's last hope. The book details the interactions between Dibs and Axline and utilizes actual session transcripts for dialogue.

In their weekly sessions together, Axline incorporates the principles of non-directive play therapy. Her approach to children was based on the humanistic concepts of Carl Rogers and person-centered therapy. Dibs is able to do and say whatever he wants during his hour in play therapy, while Axline provides patience and support. In this nurturing environment, Dibs slowly opens up and begins exploring his feelings. Axline's responses to Dibs are primarily reflections, demonstrating to Dibs that she is listening to him without judging him. By the end of the book, which spans the course of one full year, Dibs makes notable strides in his ability to express himself, identify and cope with his feelings, and interact socially with his peers and family. Dibs was subsequently tested at the end of his therapy and was found to score in the extremely gifted range, with an IQ of 168 on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test.

The book has become required reading in many counselor training programs, especially courses focusing on work with children and families. Violet Oaklander, a child therapist who utilizes Gestalt psychology, cited Dibs in Search of Self as an influence on her development.

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A. S. Neill

A. S. Neill
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A. S. Neill
Born Alexander Sutherland Neill
17 October 1883
Forfar, Scotland
Died 23 September 1973 (aged 89)
Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England
Occupation Educator, author
Known for founding Summerhill School, advocacy of personal freedom for children, progressive education

Alexander Sutherland Neill (17 October 1883 – 23 September 1973), known as A. S. Neill, was a Scottish educator and author known for his school, Summerhill School, and its philosophies of freedom from adult coercion and community self-governance. Neill was raised in Scotland, where he was a poor student but became a schoolteacher. He taught in several schools across the country before attending the University of Edinburgh from 1908 to 1912. He took two jobs in journalism before World War I, and returned to teaching afterwards. He joined the staff of a school in Dresden in 1921, which became Summerhill upon his return to England in 1924. Summerhill received widespread renown in the 1920s/30s and 1960s/70s due to progressive and counterculture interest. He wrote 20 books in his lifetime, and his best seller was the 1960 Summerhill, a compilation of four previous books about his school. The book was a common ancestor to activists in the 60s free school movement.

Brain + Orgasm

For men and women, there are four types of nerves responsible for sending information to the brain during an orgasm. The hypogastric nerve transmits signals from the uterus and the cervix in women, and from the prostate in men; the pelvic nerve transmits signals from the vagina and cervix in women, and from the rectum in both sexes; the pudendal nerve transmits from the clitoris in women, and from the scrotum and penis in men; and the vagus nerve transmits from the cervix, uterus, and vagina in women.
Neurochemicals Give Off the 'Euphoric' Feeling

The “cloud nine” feeling reported by many during sex is linked to the nerves sent to the brain’s pleasure center, or reward circuit. The sexual arousals felt in the body flood the brain with a surge of neurochemicals, which are chemical messengers that forge emotions, feelings of attachment, and even love, according to Psychology Today. The level of pleasure is contingent on the release of these chemicals that can be used to measure the intensity of your climax. The areas of the brain impacted by sexual arousal include the amygdala, nucleus accumbens, ventral tegmental area (VTA), cerebellum, and the pituitary gland.
Male and Female Brain Similar to Being on Heroin

Although both sexes tend to engage in different behaviors during sex, the brains of men and women are not all that different. During an orgasm, the lateral orbitofrontal cortex — the brain region behind the left eye — shuts down during an orgasm. This region is considered to be the voice of reason and controls behavior. The brain of both a man and woman is said to look much like the brain of a person taking heroin during an orgasm, according to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Peptide YY

The American Physiological Society Press Release

APS Contact: Donna Krupa Email: Phone: 301.634.7209 Twitter: @Phyziochick

Exercise Suppresses Appetite By Affecting Appetite Hormones

BETHESDA, Md. (Dec. 11, 2008) − A vigorous 60-minute workout on a treadmill affects the release of two key appetite hormones, ghrelin and peptide YY, while 90 minutes of weight lifting affects the level of only ghrelin, according to a new study. Taken together, the research shows that aerobic exercise is better at suppressing appetite than non-aerobic exercise and provides a possible explanation for how that happens.

This line of research may eventually lead to more effective ways to use exercise to help control weight, according to the senior author, David J. Stensel of Loughborough University in the United Kingdom.

The study, “The influence of resistance and aerobic exercise on hunger, circulating levels of acylated ghrelin and peptide YY in healthy males,” appears in the online edition of The American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, published by The American Physiological Society. The authors are David R. Broom, James A. King and David J. Stensel of Loughborough University, and Rachel L. Batterham of University College, London.

Treadmill versus weight lifting

There are several hormones that help regulate appetite, but the researchers looked at two of the major ones, ghrelin and peptide YY. Ghrelin is the only hormone known to stimulate appetite. Peptide YY suppresses appetite.

Ghrelin was discovered by researchers in Japan only about 10 years ago and was originally identified for its role as a growth hormone. Only later did its role in stimulating appetite become known. Peptide YY was discovered less than 25 years ago.

In this experiment, 11 male university students did three eight-hour sessions. During one session they ran for 60 minutes on a treadmill, and then rested for seven hours. During another session they did 90 minutes of weight lifting, and then rested for six hours and 30 minutes. During another session, the participants did not exercise at all.

During each of the sessions, the participants filled out surveys in which they rated how hungry they felt at various points. They also received two meals during each session. The researchers measured ghrelin and peptide YY levels at multiple points along the way.

They found that the treadmill (aerobic) session caused ghrelin levels to drop and peptide YY levels to increase, indicating the hormones were suppressing appetite. However, a weight-lifting (non-aerobic) session produced a mixed result. Ghrelin levels dropped, indicating appetite suppression, but peptide YY levels did not change significantly.

Based on the hunger ratings the participants filled out, both aerobic and resistance exercise suppressed hunger, but aerobic exercise produced a greater suppression of hunger. The changes the researchers observed were short term for both types of exercise, lasting about two hours, including the time spent exercising, Stensel reported.

“The finding that hunger is suppressed during and immediately after vigorous treadmill running is consistent with previous studies indicating that strenuous aerobic exercise transiently suppresses appetite,” Stensel said. “The findings suggest a similar, although slightly attenuated response, for weight lifting exercise.”

Focus on active ghrelin

Previous studies have been inconclusive about whether exercise decreases ghrelin levels, but this study may help explain those mixed results, according to the researchers.

Ghrelin comes in two forms, acylated and non-acylated. The researchers measured acylated ghrelin, also called active ghrelin, because it can cross the blood-brain barrier and reach the appetite center in the brain. Stensel suggests that future research concentrate on active ghrelin.

While the study showed that exercise suppresses appetite hormones, the next step is to establish whether this change actually causes the suppression of eating.

NOTE TO EDITORS: To interview Dr. Stensel, please contact APS Communications Office at To listen to an interview with Dr. Stensel, go to and click on Episode 16.

Funding: School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Loughborough University.

Physiology is the study of how molecules, cells, tissues and organs function in health and disease. Established in 1887, the American Physiological Society (APS) was the first U.S. society in the biomedical sciences field. The Society represents more than 11,000 members and publishes 14 peer-reviewed journals with a worldwide readership.

Stability was Fragile

But Carrelli’s grip on stability was still fragile. Between apartments and evictions, she slept in her truck, in parks, at China Beach, on friends’ couches. Then one day in 2006, Carrelli’s boss at Farley’s Coffee discovered her sleeping in the shop, and he told her it was probably time she opened up her own space. “He almost gave me permission to do something I knew I should do,” she recalls. It was clear by then that Carrelli couldn’t really work for anyone else—Farley’s had been unusually forgiving. But she didn’t know how to chart a course forward. At China Beach, she took to her notebooks, filling them with grandiose manifestoes about living with guts and honor and commitment—about, she wrote, building her own damn house.

“Giulietta, you don’t have enough money to eat tonight,” Glen said, bringing her down to Earth. Then he asked her a question that has since appeared in her writing again and again: “What is your useful skill in a tangible situation?”

The answer was easy: she was good at making coffee and good with people. So Glen told her it was time she opened a checking account. He told her to go to city hall and ask if they had information on starting a small business. And she followed his instructions.
-John Gravois

Joining the Swimmers

She started joining the swimmers every day, plunging into the Pacific with no wetsuit, even in winter. Her drinking began to taper off. She landed a job at a coffee shop called Farley’s that she managed to keep for three years. And she began assiduously cultivating a network of friends she could count on for help when she was in trouble—a word she uses frequently to refer to her psychotic episodes—while being careful not to overtax any individual’s generosity.

Carrelli also found safety in simply being well-known—in attracting as many acquaintances as possible. That’s why, she tells me, she had always worked in coffee shops. When she is feeling well, Carrelli is a swashbuckling presence, charismatic and disarmingly curious about people. “She will always make a friend wherever she is,” says Noelle Olivo, a San Francisco escrow and title agent who was a regular customer at Farley’s and later gave Carrelli a place to stay for a couple of months. “People are taken aback by her, but she reaches out.”

This gregariousness was in part a survival mechanism, as were her tattoos and her daily uniform of headscarves, torn jeans, and crop tops. The trick was to be identifiable: The more people who recognized her, the more she stood a chance of being able to recognize herself.

-John Gravois


Giulietta Carrelli Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club

Amazing article. Beware: it is not really about toast.
Amazing Article

In public, Carrelli wears a remarkably consistent uniform: a crop top with ripped black jeans and brown leather lace-up boots, with her blond hair wrapped in Jack Sparrowish scarves and headbands. At her waist is a huge silver screaming-eagle belt buckle, and her torso is covered with tattoos of hand tools and designs taken from 18th-century wallpaper patterns. Animated and lucid—her blue eyes bright above a pair of strikingly ruddy cheeks—Carrelli interrupted our long conversation periodically to banter with pretty much every person who visited the shop.

At first, Carrelli explained Trouble as a kind of sociological experiment in engineering spontaneous communication between strangers. She even conducted field research, she says, before opening the shop. “I did a study in New York and San Francisco, standing on the street holding a sandwich, saying hello to people. No one would talk to me. But if I stayed at that same street corner and I was holding a coconut? People would engage,” she said. “I wrote down exactly how many people talked to me.”

The smallness of her cafés is another device to stoke interaction, on the theory that it’s simply hard to avoid talking to people standing nine inches away from you. And cinnamon toast is a kind of all-purpose mollifier: something Carrelli offers her customers whenever Trouble is abrasive, or loud, or crowded, or refuses to give them what they want. “No one can be mad at toast,” she said.

BE Each Other

Yogi Bhajan

“No two people really know each other before marriage because it takes about seven years to know each other, another seven to understand each other, another seven to live with each other and another seven to enjoy each other.”

“Those who will just identify their identity into the oneness of each other, God shall serve them. God shall not only bless them; that's too little of a thing to ask for. God becomes the servant of those who amalgamate their egos and bring one identity out of the union of the two. They are such that God grants them the soul for which their generations will live forever. And that is how saints are born on the Earth.”

“There is no relationship between a male and a female unless both of them decide to work on each other, because both are polarities. You want a relationship which is totally romantic-and that doesn't exist. ”

“There is only one thing--that is amalgamation forever. Good and bad, great and small, all of it is in one pot now. In this you will find peace and tranquility.”

“Why are there quarrels between husband and wife? Because they have never tried to become one. They are still two who are living under one roof. They are still two who are sleeping in one bed. They are still two who are managing one home. They are still two; one is driving the car and one is sitting and sleeping on the side. But they have not yet become one. Marriage is when two become one. ”

“Try to understand marriage. It is a simple, unique situation. Where amalgamation takes place, a new metal comes out of the two. A new ego comes out of the two. A new identity comes of the two. And it is forever; it is not only for today and not tomorrow. Try to understand. Everything can come to an end. Even life can come to an end. But one thing even God cannot end: the desire to be one in each other. This desire even God cannot take away”

“There is no criterion in life that will carry a marriage, or satisfy the marriage, except your creative communication with the man you love.”

“Marriage is not to control each other; marriage is not to love each other, marriage is not even to live with each other. Marriage is to BE each other. Anything else is not marriage.”

“When you speak, stand behind it. Don't say what you don't mean, otherwise, you'll be the worst mean person. Don't say what you feel! Don't speak what you feel, speak what your consciousness allows you to speak.”

Become You!

Yogi Bhajan

“Getting up in the morning to do your sadhana does not mean you will become God. No, getting up in the morning, you will become you! ”

“When a person gets up in the morning and does the sadhana, you know what accompanies that person? All the angels, all saints and sages come to listen. Their souls fly to those places to listen where God is chanted.”

“Prayer is the only power we have. It is my personal individual belief that prayer can change the Universe. Politics and power cannot. ”

“Prayer means power. It always was, always is, and always shall be. And it is the power of prayer before which God is humble, God is junior. Every man can become commanding over God through his prayer.”

“Prayer is the power to tap your own unknown and bring it to your known and become radiant.”

“Whenever you want to reach your own unknown you pray. The only channel through which your own unknown can reach you for help is the power of your own prayer. Prayer is not talking to God.”

“There is no damage so serious, even though it is to the point of insanity, which cannot be erased by the power of prayer.”

“The power of prayer can bring peace to the earth and peace to the heart.”

“Marriage is an institution of willingness, in which two identities want to amalgamate. It's an amalgamation of two egos to bring out a neutral new personality.”

“The purpose of marriage is, what is not my grace, she should bring it to me. What is not her grace, I should bring it to her.”

Attitude of Gratitude

Yogi Bhajan:

“Seva means doing a service, a service with no return. That is how grace gets multiplied, when you are not seeking any return.”

“Love is not enough; intelligence is not enough; powerful strength is not enough. You may put everything on one side of the scale, but if you are missing gratitude, you shall lose. ”

“Gratefulness will make you great.”

“The problem with you is, you want to be appreciated all the time, but you do not know to appreciate all the time.”

“To start with, you should have an attitude of gratitude. Without an attitude of gratitude, neither prosperity nor pleasure, joy nor happiness means anything, and it works this way. To those who have an attitude of gratitude and who do it with innocence, Mother Nature brings all the wealth, health, and happiness.”

“The only way a relationship between you and God can be established is if you become grateful and build up a standard of gratitude. Only then will fulfillment come in life. Only then can you be happy in life. Only then will you be fulfilled in life. Because in God we trust and in God we dwell.”

“The attitude of gratitude is the highest way of living, and is the biggest truth, the highest truth. You cannot live with applied consciousness until you understand that you have to be grateful for what you have. If you are grateful for what you have, then Mother Nature will give you more. ”

“You do prayer when you are in difficulty. Pray when you are not in difficulty! That is the attitude of gratitude.”

“Conscious communication is called turiya, when you are totally effective, totally understood and totally truthful.”

“Your electromagnetic radiance should be continuous and should be creatively high. That's why there is discipline. That's why we do sadhana.”

Happiness and Progress

Yogi Bhajan:

“It is the conscious commitment which gives us happiness and progress. If our commitment is emotional and temperamental, it is not going to work. ”

“The process of growth through Kundalini Yoga is a natural unfolding of your own nature. The blocks to that growth are your attachments to the familiarity of the past, and your fear of the expanded Self. As you practice Kundalini Yoga you will grow. Like a snake you will need to shed old skins to be more of who you are.”

“One Kundalini Yoga set done well is more than one needs. I don't believe in freaking out on Kundalini Yoga sets. That's not Kundalini Yoga. One good set a day, is more than enough. Everything in life is a bunch of tools to build up yourself so that you can totally realize yourself and experience yourself.”

“Don't do sadhana for your husband, and don't do sadhana for anything else. Do sadhana for yourself. If you cannot get up in the morning at 3 o'clock, if you don't take your cold shower, if you don't massage your body, if you don't do all those things, you pay during the day. Everything is in balance. If you don't sharpen the knife, what do you think you can cut with it? If you don't sharpen your mind, if you do not shine your soul, what are you going to do during the day?”

“Sadhana is self-enrichment. It is not something that is done to please somebody or to gain something. Not at all. Sadhana is a personal process in which you bring out your personal best.”

“There is something called seva, which is done with your heart and head both. It is done in the Name of God, in obedience to God, and for the sake of God. What that brings no man can give you. ”

“Elevate. Each day, live to elevate yourself, each day elevate one person. Make elevation your religion and you shall reach infinity. ”

“When you cannot give, you are not God; and without giving there is no God. ”

“We have chosen a way of life to welcome everybody, to love everybody, to inspire everybody and to uplift everybody. ”

“Service is when you totally don't feel like serving; you're tired, you're jet-lagged, you're obnoxious, you're very, very angry; and still you go into the kitchen and you make a good dish and you say, "Are you hungry? I made this for you"-that's called serving. ”

Commitment More Precious than Life

Yogi Bhajan:

“By construction, the fulfillment of a woman is motherhood; and motherhood does not mean that she gets pregnant and delivers a baby. If you understand her total behavior, you will understand her motherhood. Her motherhood is service, her motherhood is sacrifice, her motherhood is relationship. When she knows motherhood, she is fulfilled. ”

“One thing shall never betray a woman: her own light and her own radiance as a woman. If the light within you can guide you, you will definitely excel. ”

“The time has come when a daughter should be treated as a daughter, a mother should be treated as a mother, a wife should be treated as a wife, and over and above all, woman should be treated as a woman.”

“Woman has to understand her role. Her role is not to worship God; her role is to be the very self of God. Her oneness can affect and open every heart.”

“Just as rain showers on the land and brings green things, so on woman God showers His Blessing and brings forth from her heart humanity.”

“The noble woman is the goddess which Almighty God worships. It is the altar to which God bows. It is the grace which produces God's soul. It is the ultimate infinity of all virtues. It is the power of all kindness and blessing of God, and the noble woman is the essence of all prayers.”

“You believe the woman is a doormat. I believe woman is the door to God. You believe woman is the chick and I believe she is the eagle. Her sway and her grace is keeping the earth in its own place.”

“Your physical structure and the male physical structure are different. Your hormones and male hormones are different. Your psyche and the male psyche are different. Now where have you learned to compete with something which is totally not you, but is your polarity? Male is not you and you are not the male. There is nothing in common. There are two different polarities, two different psyches, two different persons with two different geographies. How can you bring the Himalayas to Sri Lanka? Or how can you take the Rockies to New York?”

“Your commitment should be more precious to you than your life. If commitment is not more precious than life then within that life you cannot commit to anything, you will not achieve anything. ”

“In your commitment is your essence of your flow of spirit. In your commitment you know who you are. Without commitment, you do not know who you are.”

Healthy, Happy, and Holy

Yogi Bajan:

“Yoga is not going to make you great. Yoga is going to make you you!”

“Yoga was made for a person to be healthy, happy, and holy. Kundalini Yoga was made to be healthy, happy, and holy and aware! The secret of your soul is awareness. ”

“I am asking you to be committed so that you can have self-confidence, self-projection, so that you can create a strong enough magnetic field that you can be graceful, dignified and noble. ”

“I am trying to relate to you the power that lies in obedience to your own commitment. Once you commit, obey the commitment and everything that you want to achieve you shall achieve. ”

“Life is a chance to commit, and commitment means to go through it, to complete it. It is an experience. ”

“Love is a process in which ego is lost and infinity is experienced. ”

“If the entire divinity and domain of God sits in the heart of a person, and his longing becomes timeless, then man can develop the capacity to love. ”

“Time and space cannot play any part between two loving hearts.”

“Love knows no pain, no sacrifice is too much for it; it is an absolute one-pointed state of mind toward the well-being of the other person who is called lover or beloved. ”

“Love is a self-acknowledgement. When I love myself, I can be so rich that I can love everybody.”

Smile in Adversity

Yogi Bhajan:

“Smile in adversity; that is the first lesson.”

“If you do not understand that life is there to challenge you with every breath of life, you do not understand living. If you do not challenge your life yourself, somebody else will challenge it.”

“Everyone, whether a king or queen, pauper or beggar, lover or deserter, attorney or accused, is going to be challenged in life. One thing you cannot escape is challenge. Whether you challenge the challenge or you give in to the challenge, that is what decides your spirituality. Is your spirit higher than the challenge so you can face it?”

“Spread the light and the grace and be alert. Take cold showers. Meditate. And pray. So that adversity may not make you a victim. Difficulty is very simple. You have to decide between victory and being a victim. You understand? And choice is yours. It is a free choice.”

“You may lie to the whole world but never lie to a child because you will hurt his innocence and he will come back on you a hundred times more powerfully later on.”

“Every child is born as karma to parents, but also every child is born as karma to himself or herself. There is double action and people mostly forget this. One is the karma to parents, the other is the karma to the self, and in between a person has to develop and grow and become free.”

“The prayer of the mother is the most powerful tool. Once you give birth to a child, give him the highest gift: pray for that child. Giving birth to a child and not adding prayer to that child is just building a house with no foundation.”

“We use our children for security. Then our children use us for security, and life is a mess. Give children their own security; their security is Truth and God. Give them the true identity of themselves and you will have angels on this Earth.”

“If we cannot create an institution in which we create oneness of two individuals, then a child cannot be born with the caliber and intelligence to save the planet Earth”

“Kundalini Yoga is uncoiling yourself to find your potential and your vitality and to reach for your virtues. There is nothing from outside. Try to understand that. All is in you. You are the storehouse of your totality.”


Talk to your Soul

“As long as your ego exists, you are not a Teacher. As long as you expect appreciation, you are not a Teacher, you are a beggar.”

“You are a fountain of love, blessing, grace, bounty, beauty, and bliss, but you seek from your student public relations, admiration, appreciation. And then you proudly say that such-and-such model and such-and-such actor and such-and-such this comes to your classes. What do you teach, acting or reality?”

“I would like to explain something to you. It is not a good thing to become a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and mix other things. When you practice Kundalini Yoga, you stay with it only. Remember that.”

“Meditation is the art of breaking habits, to purify the mind and to take care of day-to-day things.”

“When you talk effectively, be very polite, because if effectiveness does not carry the politeness, it can hurt. Effective talking is from the fifth center, fifth lotus, throat chakra.”

“Love is a state of mind where you fall and the fall is bottomless. Once you fall in love you cannot stop; if you can stop, you have not fallen.”

“The known formula for happiness is: Commitment will give you character. That will give you dignity. That will give you divinity. That will give you grace. That will give you the power to sacrifice. Then you'll feel achieved, and you'll be happy.”

“Commitment is the ability for your whole self to sustain its status in projected reality of action. Then people can trust you. Otherwise, it is like building a cozy bungalow on the top of a volcano. If you act like an earthquake or volcano, who will build upon you?”

“If tomorrow a problem comes, just remember who your teacher is. Just remember at that time who is your teacher. You will find a solution. And if that really comes through to you, then believe it.”

“In the worst scenario, sit down, close your eyes and talk to your own soul, spirit. The moment that becomes your attitude, all things you need in life shall come to you.”



Yogi Bhajan:

“The moment you touch your soul, you become fearless.”

“As long as you are not spirit you are not going to be happy, you are not going to be, and you are not gong to have fun. Spirit is the fun, spirit prevails, spirit is your decoration, spirit is your make-up, spirit is your being, spirit is your identity and your spiritual projection is your power.”

“We are not Indians. We are not Americans. We are not Germans and we are not French. We follow a spiritual bond, and spirit is not divided by the boundaries of political arenas. The projectivity of the magnetic field of the soul is always at the same frequency wherever it exists. It is called the lifeline.”

“When people start serving the soul, which is everywhere and nowhere, they start becoming the soul; and the soul is a part of God. ”

“The only thing the body and mind are given to you for is your soul, the spirit. When you are serving your soul, you are subtle, calm and peaceful. Whenever you are serving your ego, you are fearful and afraid.”

“The purpose of life, the attitude of life, is to serve the soul.”

“The soul is the highest self, body and mind are there to serve the soul. But when the two servants start serving each other, the Master goes hungry. That is why souls are hungry, empty and in pain. The soul can only find liberation if the mind and body serve it. ”

“If the body does not flow with the soul and the soul cannot command the body, the human life is lost. It has no purpose. The relationship between the human body and the soul is like the relationship of a lover and a beloved....The soul is in every part of life as the beloved is in every part of the lover.”

“That is the first sign, the first qualification of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher--that he goes through calamity with a radiant smile, he deals with another person with a most humble understanding and he lives in the core relationship of Imperial Majesty.”

“A teacher has a primary responsibility to be a conscious leader, to be ahead of the times.”


Page Six

Yogi Bhajan:

“Sometimes you ask, Which meditation will work out? Every meditation will work out!”

“Meditate. Any dirt of ugliness in your mind can only be wiped out by meditation. Get rid of them. What is meditation? Calming yourself and looking toward the infinity of God. That is meditation; it is simple.”

“Meditation is the creative control of the self where the Infinite can talk to you.”

“The active mind becomes still when you meditate, and the passive mind becomes active. When thoughts come to you, don't get upset; let them pass through. After some time of meditation you will find a time when no thought will be released by the passive mind. Then you will enjoy a state of bliss.”

“What man seeks is a woman who will never let him down, who will never attack him as a madwoman, and who will always come through with wisdom. Three things. Sex is extra. Cooking meals is extra. Pressing his shirt and his pants is extra. Doing his laundry is extra. There are three hundred extras and three things which are real.”

“Woman can only be a woman if she has grace around her, and man is only a man if he has courage around him. Man without courage and woman without grace are so-and-so's. That is the politest thing I can say.”

“As long as you think that a man needs you for such and such, it is a business; then there is a profit and a loss. When the relationship is established with no profit and no loss, then you both have understood each other.”

“You cannot make your life a reaction to others; you must make your life your own.”

“The soul is a continuous source of yourself. The body and mind are given to you to serve the soul.”

“If we are pure, we are clean. Then our soul's light can shine through our own mind and we can be creative and beautiful. The real strength, the real beauty, is that of the soul which should not be blocked by the darkness of the mind.”


Infinity talks to the Man

Yogi Bhajan:

“As long as you think that a man needs you for such and such, it is a business; then there is a profit and a loss. When the relationship is established with no profit and no loss, then you both have understood each other.”

“The process of self-healing is the privilege of every being. Self-healing is not a miracle, nor is self-healing a dramatization of the personality as though you could do something superior. Self-healing is a genuine process of the relationship between the physical and the infinite power of the soul.”

“You have to understand the process of healing in the Age of Aquarius. What will give the healing is the flow of your soul energy.”

“When you are blessing the sick, you beg of the Almighty, but actually you are not begging for anything, because from inside your being, energy is pouring into the other person. It is from a state of compassion, of compassionate meditation, that the healing activity of God, within the being, flows.”

“The art of healing, the art of ecstasy, the art of God-consciousness has millions of names in mystic terms. It has to do with rhythm and reality. When the body is in rhythm, there is ease. When the body, or any part of the body goes out of rhythm, there is dis-ease.”

“Whether you are a medical doctor or a chiropractor or another type of healer, life has a challenge that you have to be egoless. You have to just become, without self, a healer at that moment, for that purpose.”

“As a healer, the first thing to tell every patient is to breathe deeply. Shallow breathing means no endurance, no patience.”

“When you can take a dive to the depth of Infinity, you can also understand and measure the height of Infinity.”

“Prayer is when the mind is one-pointed and man talks to Infinity. Meditation is when the mind becomes totally clean and receptive, and Infinity talks to the man.”

“It is not meditation that stops the mind. It is the surrender of the mind to the soul, and the soul to Truth. It is when you prefer the word of Truth to the word of your own intellect.”


Ego + Infinity are Opposites

“Ego and infinity are totally opposite. Spirituality is nothing but infinity. When you are angry, upset or rude, you are talking from an ego point of view, from a limited point of view.”

“God's fear only means don't harm anybody. "Ahimsa," compassion. That's what it means. God's fear does not mean stand and shake. Don't take that concept, please. God's fear means when you have a fear of God you shall not do wrong to anyone, including you.”

“What is God? In reality it is your own positive self, your higher Self, your universal Self, the Self which knows no defeat, the Self which can rise again and again and again like a wave in the ocean.”

“Give yourself a chance to have the presence of God work through you...Let the presence of God, through your life, start to be known and felt. Give it a chance. God gave you life. Make this life a chance for the presence of God to be felt through you.”

“Those who see whatever is happening around them as God are always tapped into their known and unknown.”

“Love and God and God and love are nothing but a projection of your own self. Those who can love can be God. Those who are God can love.”

“In your life there will be good days and bad days, normal days and abnormal days, right days and wrong days, but you must understand that every day has to be followed by a night and every life has to end. Don't waste your life in reactions.”

“Life is a continuous vibration of up and down. And in this up and down, try to be neutral; be seated in your own spiritual integrity.”

“Never give a man your opinion; they get offended. Let him ask your opinion. What is a man? He is pure, living, shining ego. When you give your opinion, he has to counteract it; he has to. When he asks your opinion, he has to obey it because he asked. The same ego which is going to reject is going to obey. Do you understand the psychology?”

“It is the committed woman who can have a committed man. Man is committed in equal proportion to the woman as life goes on. If you commit two hundred percent, man will be committed two hundred percent. If you commit twenty percent, man will be committed twenty percent.”

- Yogi Bhajan

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Yogi Bhajan Quotes:

“What is a lie? Truth spoken in fear. Just realize that truth spoken in fear is nothing but a lie. And how many of you lie? Everybody. Whoever speaks in fear, lies.”

“If you give your word, let the entire universe fall before you, but let your word stand.”

“In any communication, or in any situation which you cannot confront because it is exaggerating, hot or aggressive, just change your breath. Breathe through the lips instead of through the nostrils. Exhale always through the nostrils. Inhale through the rolled lips and make it slow and long. It will slow everything as required. It will increase your sensitivity. It will give you 10 times more projection over the person you are talking to.”

“The purpose of communication is to gain the trust, the infinite trust. Therefore, you should speak only what you can prove and it should be spoken in such a way that the other person can hear it.”

“In the beginning was the Word. It doesn't say in the beginning was God. In the beginning was the Word because in the very beginning of every moment of time and space your word counts. Your whole destiny is written in the Word.”

“Whenever you have a problem, if you put your problem at the touchstone of the spirit, the consciousness and the soul, you will be surprised how easy it is for you to solve that problem. But whenever you take a problem and look at it from the ego's point of view, it will not only bring you confusion, but it will also bring you destruction.”

“Sat Nam. Sat is the truth, Nam is the identity, the noun, the personality, and your ego. Whenever your ego feels the light of God, you will be very humble. That is the test. You will be very compassionate. You will be very graceful. You will be very tolerant. You will not be rude. You can't be!”

“Ego does two jobs: Ego allows you to go for temptation and ego allows you to go for sacrifice. Ego works both ways.”

“Death strikes only those who live in ego. Beyond ego there is no such thing as death.”

“When you walk toward light, you have to forget the darkness. In darkness you can't see what you're doing, and ego is just like darkness. It is a total cloud in which you are very limited, and you won't make it anywhere. When you are brilliant, you are flexible, smiling and everything is just all right.”


Dance Around the House

Woke at 3:30 after swimming last night. Swimming makes me very high. I walked the city at sunrise and then I raked my yard (finally). I need for it to get MUCH COLDER to breathe properly. This hovering at 40's kills me. And my albuterol emergency "puffer" allows me to breathe but makes me dance around the house.

Manspreading on Subway

Bridget Ellsworth, a 28-year-old music teacher, views manspreading as sexual harassment because some men engage in it near her even when the subway car is not packed.

“They could move over and spread out their legs all they want,” she said, “but they’re squeezing next to me and doing it.”

For men who think that sitting with their legs spread is socially acceptable, manners experts say it is not. Peter Post, the author of the book “Essential Manners for Men” and great-grandson of etiquette guru Emily Post, said the proper way for men to sit is with their legs parallel rather than in a V-shape.
As this poster from an earlier public service campaign shows, today’s manspreader may be related to the space hog of old. Credit Courtesy of the New York Transit Museum

“I’m baffled by people who do that kind of thing, who take other people’s space,” he said.

Olof Hansson, a director of the Manhattan men’s spa John Allan’s, put it more succinctly. “A true gentleman doesn’t sit on the subway, he stands.”

As for men who may worry that crossing their legs could hurt their virility, doctors say there is nothing to fear. A half-hour train ride with legs crossed might raise testicular temperatures, but not long enough to do any harm, said Dr. Marc Goldstein, director of the center for male reproductive medicine and microsurgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Philadelphia has a new etiquette campaign, too, with posters that say, “Dude It’s Rude... Two Seats — Really?”Article

New Moon

7:11 AM SUNrise 4:18 PM SUNset
New Moon, 0% visible

Swimming Chakras

Swimming lights up my curiosity.

Simple Chakra Exercises (Chakracises)
Crown Chakra Exercises Chakracise your crown chakra through prayer or meditation.
Brow Chakra Exercises Chakracise your brow chakra with visualization, remote viewing, and lucid dreaming.
Throat Chakra Exercises Chakracise your throat chakra by gargling with saltwarer, singing, or screaming.
Heart Chakra Exercises Chakracise your heart chakra by doing push ups, swimming (breast stroke), and hugging yourself.
Solar Plexus Chakra Exercises Chakracise your solar plexus chakra by dancing (do The Twist, hoola hooping, and belly dancing).
Sacral Chakra Exercises Chakrasise your sacral chakra with pelvi thrusts and circular pelvis movements
Root Chakra Exercises Chakracise your root chakra by stomping your feel upon the ground, marching in place, and doing squats.
Aura Cleansing Exercises Chakracise your aura by cleansing it by showering, soaking an epsom salt bath, smudging with sage wand, or deep cleansing breaths.

From the Editorial Board

The nation cannot move forward in any meaningful way without coming to terms, legally and morally, with the abhorrent acts that were authorized, given a false patina of legality, and committed by American men and women from the highest levels of government on down.

Starting a criminal investigation is not about payback; it is about ensuring that this never happens again and regaining the moral credibility to rebuke torture by other governments. Because of the Senate’s report, we now know the distance officials in the executive branch went to rationalize, and conceal, the crimes they wanted to commit. The question is whether the nation will stand by and allow the perpetrators of torture to have perpetual immunity for their actions.

Meet The New York Times’s Editorial Board »

Callie Marie Rennison

There are obvious steps we as a society can take to better support all victims of sexual violence: We have to stop blaming and shaming survivors, and to start holding perpetrators accountable. But we also need to do much more to support women in disadvantaged communities.
-Callie Marie Rennison is the co-director of the Criminology and Criminal Justice Research Initiative at the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Public Affairs.

Madeline L'Engle

Sticking my neck out has been something I have learned to do. And I think it’s a good thing.


Human beings are the only creatures who are allowed to fail. If an ant fails, it’s dead. But we’re allowed to learn from our mistakes and from our failures. And that’s how I learn, by falling flat on my face and picking myself up and starting all over again. If I’m not free to fail, I will never start another book, I’ll never start a new thing.

-Brain Pickings

Combinatory Play

Einstein himself called this the “combinatory play” of the mind and considered it a cornerstone of genius. Csikszentmihalyi points out that L’Engle’s gift for bringing together “domains that appear to have nothing in common” is common to most creative individuals in his study:

Most breakthroughs are based on linking information that usually is not thought of as related. Integration, synthesis both across and within domains, is the norm rather than the exception.

This idea, most famously put forth by pioneering Harvard psychologist Jerome Bruner in his seminal work from the 1960s, is also something Stephen Jay Gould memorably articulated and Kandinsky captured beautifully in asserting that “to harmonize the whole is the task of art.” But in L’Engle’s work, Csikszentmihalyi notes, these cross-pollinations transcend the practical and stretch into the conceptual, bridging “events at the cosmic and the microscopic levels” and producing “a sort of a karmic web [that] pervades her narrative.”

In commenting on this creative composting, L’Engle speaks to the larger theme of interconnectedness:

A lot of ideas come subconsciously. You don’t even realize where they’re coming from. I try to read as widely as possible, and I read fairly widely in the areas of particle physics and quantum mechanics, because to me these are very exciting. They’re dealing with the nature of being and what it’s all about. One of the things that we have learned, having opened the heart of the atom, is that nothing happens in isolation, that everything in the universe is interrelated… And another thing [scientists have] discovered is that nothing can be studied objectively, because to look at something is to change it and to be changed by it. Those are pretty potent ideas.

But L’Engle’s most defining ethos is that of hope and mercy — something Csikszentmihalyi notes was cultivated by her own experience. She recalls having “terrible teachers” as a young child, who assumed that her physical disability — a faulty knee that rendered her clumsy at any athletic activity — also meant that she “wasn’t very bright.” And yet the disheartening experience was essential to L’Engle’s creative development. Csikszentmihalyi recounts his conversation with the author:

Shunned by peers and teachers, Madeleine spent much of her childhood reading and thinking alone. Now she feels that she couldn’t have written her books if she had been happy and successful with her peers. Like most individuals in our sample, she showed her creativity first of all by being able to turn a disadvantage into an advantage.

-Brain Pickings

In Love: Marriage of Intuition and Intellect

Your intuition and your intellect should be working together… making love. That’s how it works best.
-Madeleine L'Engle

Like Einstein, whose mythology holds that he came up with his greatest physics breakthroughs during his violin breaks, L’Engle turns to music to overcome creative block in her writing, tickling the timid intuitive self into reengaging with the intellectual when the latter is on overdrive - By Maria Popova Madeleine L’Engle on Creativity, Hope, Getting Unstuck, and How Studying Science Enriches Art

Playing the piano is for me a way of getting unstuck. If I’m stuck in life or in what I’m writing, if I can I sit down and play the piano. What it does is break the barrier that comes between the conscious and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind wants to take over and refuses to let the subconscious mind work, the intuition. So if I can play the piano, that will break the block, and my intuition will be free to give things up to my mind, my intellect. So it’s not just a hobby. It’s a joy.
-Madeleine L'Engle

Source: Brain Pickings

Happy Birthday Rexroth

It’s the birthday of Kenneth Rexroth (1905) (books by this author), the American poet who published more than 50 collections, including The Phoenix and the Tortoise (1944) and In Defense of the Earth (1956).

Rexroth was orphaned at 14, expelled from high school not long after, and began publishing in magazines by the age of 15. He hitchhiked around the country and Europe, backpacking in the wilderness and frequenting literary salons and lectures while simultaneously teaching himself several languages.

Rexroth and his first wife, the painter Andrée Schafer, moved to San Francisco in 1927. Rexroth was one of the first to bring Eastern mysticism and ecological awareness into poetry. He read poetry with jazz musicians, had a radio show on KPFA, and wrote a regular column for the Saturday Review. And he was a patron of the Beats when they arrived in San Francisco in the mid-Fifties. On October 7, 1955, Rexroth organized the legendary Six Gallery Reading, the postcard for which promised “Six poets at the Six Gallery ... Remarkable collection of angels all gathered at once in the same spot. Wine, music, dancing girls, serious poetry ... Charming event.”

It was at this charming event that Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” was introduced to the literary world. As Ginsberg read, the audience erupted with appreciation and, by the end, Rexroth and everyone else in the gallery was in tears. The night came to be called the birth of the San Francisco Renaissance, and Kenneth Rexroth “the father of the Frisco poetry scene.”

Kenneth Rexroth said: “I’ve never understood why I’m [considered] a member of the avant-garde. ... I [just] try to say, as simply as I can, the simplest and most profound experiences of my life.”

Writer's Almanac


Europe | Munich Journal New York Times
He Sees You When You’re Sleeping, and Gives You Nightmares


A centuries-old Christmas tradition called the Krampus Run returns to Bavaria where monsters roam the streets in search of bad children.

MUNICH — Long before parents relied on the powers of Santa Claus to monitor their children’s behavior, their counterparts in Alpine villages called on a shaggy-furred, horned creature with a fistful of bound twigs to send the message that they had better watch out.

Tom Bierbaumer recalls the trepidation he felt every Dec. 6, when the clanging of oversize cowbells signaled the arrival of the Krampus, a devilish mountain goblin who serves as an evil counterpart to the good St. Nick. He would think back over his misdeeds of past months — the days he had refused to clear the supper table, left his homework unfinished or pulled a girl’s hair.

“When you are a child, you know what you have done wrong the whole year,” said Mr. Bierbaumer, who grew up in the Bavarian Alps and now heads a Munich-based club, the Sparifankerl Pass — Bavarian dialect for “Devil’s Group” — devoted to keeping the Krampus tradition alive. “When the Krampus comes to your house, and you are a child, you are really worried about getting a hit from his switch.”
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Besides visiting homes with St. Nicholas, the Krampus has for centuries run through village and town centers spreading pre-Christmas fear and chasing away evil spirits. That tradition dwindled across much of Bavaria during the 1960s and ’70s, as postmodern society moved away from its rural past.

But with cultural homogenization spreading across an increasingly unified Europe, a new generation is bringing back the customs that defined their childhoods, and those of their parents and grandparents.

A decade ago, Mr. Bierbaumer, 46, persuaded Munich authorities to stage an old-fashioned Krampuslauf: a spectacle in which the fearsome seasonal beasts run through rows of adorned wooden huts at the Bavarian capital’s oldest holiday market. He saw it as a way to ensure that future generations would share his childhood ritual, which takes place between late November and Dec. 23. At that point, similar beasts, known as Perchta, take over the fun until Epiphany.

The Munich Krampuslauf celebrates the history of the custom, including the artistry of the hand-carved, hand-painted masks. Advocates of the ritual say reviving it is important because American Christmas customs, which they see as more commercialized, have made their way into the German holiday.

Only old-fashioned Krampus, mixed with their cousins, the Perchta, are allowed to participate in the Munich runs, held on the second and third Sundays before Christmas. To join the run, they must be dressed in wooden masks with horns and goat or sheep pelts, and carry bells and switches — though only for show.

Upholding the seasonal ritual is of “absolute importance,” said Günter Tschinder from Lavanttal in Austria’s Carinthia region.

“This is a tradition that our great-grandparents were already doing that must be handed down to the next generation,” said Mr. Tschinder, a member of the Höfleiner Moorteufel from Carinthia, one of 27 groups that participated in Munich this year. “But properly handed down, as it was 40, 50, 60 years ago, not with a lot of commercialization, like from Hollywood films.”
Continue reading the main story
Continue reading the main story

Local Krampus clubs will spend 1,800 to 2,500 euros, or about $2,200 to $3,000, each year to acquire costumes, made only from local materials found in the Alps. Masks are carved from lime, Swiss pine or alder wood. Skins come from farm animals such as sheep or goats, although no one turns away a Krampus wearing wild boar.
A member of the “Sparifankerl Pass,” or “Devil’s Group,” elicits delight, and horror, in Munich. Credit Gordon Welters for The New York Times

The dress code is not the only rule that the 400 creatures must abide by when rushing nearly a mile through the Christkindlmarkt crowds. The devilish enforcers of good behavior are themselves bound to uphold a strictly enforced decorum, including the cardinal rules of the modern, urban Krampus: No drinking! No hitting! Be nice!

Gabriele Papke, who helps organize Munich’s main Christkindlmarkt, on the Marienplatz square before the neo-Gothic turrets of the Neues Rathaus, stresses the importance of crowd-friendly and safe events.

Organizers estimate that this year’s holiday market attracted some 1.7 million people in its first two weeks alone, drawn by its hot mulled wine, heart-shaped gingerbread cookies and roasted candied almonds.

Its Krampus clubs are hand-selected, based in equal measure on the artistry of their costumes and their clean reputations. “People in Munich don’t know what to expect from the Krampus,” said Ms. Papke, and that is especially true of the thousands of tourists from across the globe who descend on the market. This year, a special event the day before the run allowed children to meet the people behind the masks and learn about the 500-year-old custom.

A Krampuslauf can easily get out of hand. The police in the Bavarian town of Immenstadt are searching for a Krampus with light-colored fur and a long bearded mask who whipped a 19-year-old during a parade there in early December, while those in Kufstein, Austria, canceled the annual event after removing illegal fireworks from several participants.

As men and women covered in furs, their masks tucked beneath their arms — no masks are allowed before or after the run — made their way to the Munich run’s starting point on a recent Sunday, the pounding of drums and clanging of cowbells echoed off the walls of narrow back streets. Edeltraudt Danzing and her husband, Kurt, looked on.

“This is a pagan tradition that belongs in the village,” said Mrs. Danzing, shaking her head at the spectacle in the Bavarian capital. “I am glad my grandchildren aren’t here, they would be terrified.”

Once the run began, some children ducked behind their parents’ legs as the horned beasts wound their way through the crowds, pulling boys’ caps down over their eyes, or ruffling claws through women’s hair. One Krampus made a game of pulling ponytails loose, looping the hairbands over his long, curved horns in a teasing game of Krampus ringtoss.

But other children grew bold as each Krampus or Perchta romped past, darting out to tug at their fur, reveling in the thrill of a roar or the threat of a tap from a switch.

Eight-year-old Marlene Michl insisted that she was not afraid — this year, anyway. “Last year was a lot more scary,” she said. “This year, I knew what was coming.”

The Cactus and the Weasel

Foxes have lots of books 30% read, and a few 100% read, hedgehogs have lots of books
5% read (judged by their cover), and a few 300% read (repeatedly and closely re-read).

from the Ribbonfarm blog:
The Cactus and the Weasel

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yogi Bhajan Quotes

“The strength behind communication is in its quality, not in its quantity. Your talk should be that of quality, not of quantity. You should use small sentences which say a lot. Or you should say a lot in small sentences.”

“Now what is intelligence? It is when your senses and your consciousness calculate on the spot. Senses will say one thing. Consciousness will say something different. And when you can put it together, two and two, that is intelligence.”

“The mind is above time and space. If you decide not to complain, it will immediately compensate you with intuition.”

“The mind is subtle, its creativity is absolute, its power is infinity...Whenever the mind is tuned into passion, and not consciousness, the net result will be desire. But once you become conscious, you will have one desire only: to be noble.”

“There are a lot of things we need: One of these needs is that for the mind to work for you for the whole day, it must be fresh and clear; it must be made livable. That is why it is a requirement to rise early in the morning when nobody can disturb you, when you can be yourself. ”

“Whenever your mind is in duality, you are in trouble. There's no way you can function. "Should I go North? Should I go South?" If you can't decide which way you are going to go, you are going to sit right there. You'll go neither North nor South-that's called duality. Life is a gift of God and duality is a waste of that life. ”

“Your mind will always tell you not to obey because if you start obeying something else, you cannot obey your mind.”

“Soul does not relate to mind; mind relates to soul. It's a one-way traffic. ”

“When you are in the state of the neutral mind, the soul is like a chandelier switched on over you. Communication of the soul is just that light; you are lit up by it. ”

“Every mistake can be recuperated. God gave you a mind to neutralize cause and effect, which is the Positive and Negative Mind. You have to reach the Neutral Mind. One you start relating to the neutral mind, you will never find any trouble in your life. ”

“Higher caliber means that the more effectively you obey, the higher your consciousness becomes. The law of obedience is this: as effectively as you obey a command of higher consciousness, that infinite your consciousness becomes. ”

“When your mind thinks too much, it loses touch with the reality of life. To be real, our feet should be on the Earth and our head should be in the Heavens. ”

“The mind become a monster when it becomes your master. The mind is an angel when it is your servant.”

“When a human acts under impulse, as a mammal, as an animal, that human shall never be redeemed. You have to act under intuition. If that is not developed, then you have to act under your spirit.”

“Never be right or wrong, always be neutral. Speak not through the positive mind or the negative mind, but from the neutral mind. And whenever you have to confront a calamity or a pleasure, take the altitude. Adjust the attitude. Do not react right away.”

“Remember one thing: listen to everybody very patiently, and act only when you have to act.”

“With the most corrupt person, you can be honest; with the most angry person, you can be cool; and with the most insulting person, you can be graceful. If the balance of your personality and your sensitivity can remain under your control and your projection, you have learned the art of living.”

“There's nothing which can be more precious in you than your own relationship with your own consciousness.”

“God is neither there nor anywhere. If there is any God, it is either in you or not at all. To relate to God as outside of you is the biggest insult. ”

“God loves one thing: his own nobility. Men have created wars in the Name of God; men have killed people in the Name of God. They think they have done great things to please God; but God is never pleased with these men. God is only pleased with those who are noble, compassionate and kind. ”

Kundalini vs. Heroin

A brilliant musician, and composer I know was addicted to heroin but was able to quit by getting hooked on Kundalini Yoga instead. Now he teaches kundlaini the prisons, and composes music.

Kundalini yoga
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kundalini Yoga (Sanskrit kuṇḍalinī-yoga कुण्डलिनी योग), also known as laya yoga, is a school of yoga. Based on a 1935 treatise by Sivananda Saraswati, kundalini yoga was influenced by the tantra and shakta schools of Hinduism.

Kundalini yoga derives its name through a focus on awakening kundalini energy through regular practice of meditation, pranayama, chanting mantra and yoga asana.[1] Called by practitioners "the yoga of awareness", it aims "to cultivate the creative spiritual potential of a human to uphold values, speak truth, and focus on the compassion and consciousness needed to serve and heal others."[2]


1 History
1.1 Name
1.2 Hatha yoga
1.3 Modern reception
2 Principles and methodology
3 Practice
4 Research
6 References
7 External links


What has become known as "Kundalini yoga" in the 20th century, after a technical term peculiar to this tradition, has otherwise been known[clarification needed] as laya yoga (लय योग), from the Sanskrit term laya "dissolution, extinction". The Sanskrit adjective kuṇḍalin means "circular, annular". It does occur as a noun for "a snake" (in the sense "coiled", as in "forming ringlets") in the 12th-century Rajatarangini chronicle (I.2). Kuṇḍa, a noun with the meaning "bowl, water-pot" is found as the name of a Naga in Mahabharata 1.4828. The feminine kuṇḍalī has the meaning of "ring, bracelet, coil (of a rope)" in Classical Sanskrit, and is used as the name of a "serpent-like" Shakti in Tantrism as early as c. the 11th century, in the Śaradatilaka.[3] This concept is adopted as kuṇḍalniī as a technical term into Hatha yoga in the 15th century and becomes widely used in the Yoga Upanishads by the 16th century.
Hatha yoga

The Yoga-Kundalini Upanishad is listed in the Muktika canon of 108 Upanishads. Since this canon was fixed in the year 1656, it is known that the Yoga-Kundalini Upanishad was compiled in the first half of the 17th century at the latest. The Upanishad more likely dates to the 16th century, as do other Sanskrit texts which treat kundalini as a technical term in tantric yoga, such as the Ṣaṭ-cakra-nirūpana and the Pādukā-pañcaka. These latter texts were translated in 1919 by John Woodroffe as The Serpent Power: The Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga In this book, he was the first to identify "Kundalini yoga" as a particular form of Tantrik Yoga, also known as Laya Yoga.

The Yoga-Kundalini and the Yogatattva are closely related texts from the school of Hatha yoga. They both draw heavily on the Yoga Yajnavalkya (c. 13th century),[4] as does the foundational Hatha Yoga Pradipika. They are part of a tendency of syncretism combining the tradition of yoga with other schools of Hindu philosophy during the 15th and 16th centuries. The Yoga-Kundalini Upanishad itself consists of three short chapters; it begins by stating that Chitta (consciousness) is controlled by Prana, and it's controlled by moderate food, postures and Shakti-Chala (I.1-2). Verses I.3-6 explain the concepts of moderate food and concept, and verse I.7 introduces Kundalini as the name of the Shakti under discussion:

I.7. The Sakti (mentioned above) is only Kundalini. A wise man should take it up from its place (Viz., the navel, upwards) to the middle of the eyebrows. This is called Sakti-Chala.
I.8. In practising it, two things are necessary, Sarasvati-Chalana and the restraint of Prana (breath). Then through practice, Kundalini (which is spiral) becomes straightened."[5]

Modern reception

Swami Nigamananda (d. 1935) taught a form of laya yoga which he insisted was not part of Hatha yoga, paving the way of the emergence of "Kundalini yoga" as a distinct school of yoga.

"Kundalini Yoga" is based on the treatise Kundalini Yoga by Sivananda Saraswati, published in 1935. Swami Sivananda (1935) introduced "Kundalini yoga" as a part of Laya yoga.[clarification needed][6] Together with other currents of Hindu revivalism and Neo-Hinduism, Kundalini Yoga became popular in 1960s to 1980s western counterculture.

In 1968 Kundalini Yoga was introduced to the US by Yogi Bhajan who founded the "Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization" (3HO) as a teaching organization. While Yoga practice and philosophy is generally considered a part of Hindu culture, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is founded on the principles of Sikh Dharma. Although it adheres to the three pillars of Patanjali's traditional yoga system: discipline, self-awareness and self-dedication (Patanjali Yoga Sutras, II:1), Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan does not condone extremes of asceticism or renunciation. Practitioners are encouraged to marry, establish businesses, and be fully engaged in society. Rather than worshiping God, Yogi Bhajan's teachings encourage students to train their mind to experience God.[7] Yogi Bhajan sometimes referred to the Sikh lifestyle as Raja Yoga, the yoga of living detached, yet fully engaged in the world.[7]

In respect of the rigor of his teachings, Yogi Bhajan found kinship with other 20th century Sikh sadhu saints, such as Sant Baba Attar Singh, Sant Baba Nand Singh, and Bhai Randhir Singh. In the outreach of his teachings, Yogi Bhajan's contributions are unparalleled in modern times.[7]:200–208

In addition to inspiring the founding numerous yoga studios and centers of practice across the US, in 1971 Yogi Bhajan launched a pilot program for drug-treatment with two longtime heroin addicts in Washington, D.C. in 1972,[8] and opened a drug-treatment center under the name of "3HO SuperHealth" in 1973 in Tucson, Arizona.

Kundalini Yoga continues to grow in influence and popularity largely in the Americas, Europe, South Africa, Togo, Australia, and East Asia, the training of many thousands of teachers.[9] It is popularized through books and videos, charismatic teachers such as Gurmukh (yoga teacher), new research by David Shannahoff-Khalsa, Dharma Singh Khalsa, Sat Bir Singh Khalsa and others, and through the publicity accorded it by various celebs who such as Madonna (entertainer), Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Russell Brand, Al Pacino, David Duchovny, and Miranda Kerr who are known, or have been known, to practice it. One 2013 article in a New York wellness magazine described Kundalini Yoga as "The Ultra-Spiritual Yoga Celebs Love."[10][11]
Principles and methodology

Kundalini is the term for "a spiritual energy or life force located at the base of the spine", conceptualized as a coiled-up serpent. The practice of Kundalini yoga is supposed to arouse the sleeping Kundalini Shakti from its coiled base through the 6 chakras, and penetrate the 7th chakra, or crown. This energy is said to travel along the ida (left), pingala (right) and central, or sushumna nadi - the main channels of pranic energy in the body.[12]

Kundalini energy is technically explained as being sparked during yogic breathing when prana and apana blends at the 3rd chakra (naval center) at which point it initially drops down to the 1st and 2nd chakras before traveling up to the spine to the higher centers of the brain to activate the golden cord - the connection between the pituitary and pineal glands - and penetrate the 7 chakras.[13]

Borrowing and integrating the highest forms from many different approaches, Kundalini Yoga can be understood as a tri-fold approach of Bhakti yoga for devotion, Shakti yoga for power, and Raja yoga for mental power and control. Its purpose through the daily practice of kriyas and meditation in sadhana are described a practical technology of human consciousness for humans to achieve their total creative potential. With the practice of Kundalini Yoga one is thought able to liberate oneself from one's Karma and to realize one's Dharma (Life Purpose).[14]

The practice of kriyas and meditations in Kundalini Yoga are designed to raise complete body awareness to prepare the body, nervous system, and mind to handle the energy of Kundalini rising. The majority of the physical postures focus on navel activity, activity of the spine, and selective pressurization of body points and meridians. Breath work and the application of bandhas (3 yogic locks) aid to release, direct and control the flow of Kundalini energy from the lower centers to the higher energetic centers.[15]

Along with the many kriyas, meditations and practices of Kundalini Yoga, a simple breathing technique of alternate nostril breathing (left nostril, right nostril) is taught as a method to cleanse the nadis, or subtle channels and pathways, to help awaken Kundalini energy.[16]

Sovatsky (1998) adapts a developmental and evolutionary perspective in his interpretation of Kundalini Yoga. That is, he interprets Kundalini Yoga as a catalyst for psycho-spiritual growth and bodily maturation. According to this interpretation of yoga, the body bows itself into greater maturation [...], none of which should be considered mere stretching exercises.[17]

Venkatesh et al. (1997)[18] studied twelve kundalini (chakra) meditators, using the Phenomenology of Consciousness Inventory. They found that the practice of meditation "appears to produce structural as well as intensity changes in phenomenological experiences of consciousness".
Lazar et al. (2000)[19] observed the brains of subjects performing, "a simple form of Kundalini Yoga meditation in which they passively observed their breathing and silently repeated the phrase 'sat nam' during inhalations and 'wahe guru' during exhalations," and found that multiple regions of brain were involved especially those involved in relaxation and maintaining attention.


"Kundalini Yoga consists of active and passive asana-based kriyas, pranayama, and meditations which target the whole body system (nervous system, glands, mental faculties, chakras) to develop awareness, consciousness and spiritual strength." —Yogi Bhajan[20]

Urban Mermaid

I am blessed to have a half Olympic-sized swimming pool right next door and they open at 5 AM. They stay open until 9PM. There's a sauna in the ladies room too. So even though my house is 55 degrees I know where to warm up when I need to. For what amounts to a dollar a day I can swim and be warm. Swimming is my YOGA. Yoga means unity. Swimming does it for me. The showers are so hot you can turn yourself into a bright red lobster. They even loan you a towel!

Lungs: A Shag Carpet on Fire

My lungs feel like a shag carpet on fire and that is with the proper asthma medicine. Once I almost got pneumonia and had to take a burst of prednisone. I didn't sleep for a week and danced 24 hours a day for 7 days. I don't want that to happen ever again if I can help it.

Bryan Alexander

Paying for the Party: How College Maintains Inequality is a powerful, carefully researched, and ultimately furious work of social science. Its target is higher education – specifically, how female students make it through large public research universities, and how they don’t. Elizabeth Armstrong and Laura Hamilton conclude that such campuses are doing a bad job for many students, and break this down meticulously.

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Life

There were two things about Mama. One is she always expected the best out of me. And the other is that then no matter what I did, whatever I came home with, she acted like it was the moon I had just hung up in the sky and plugged in all the stars. Like I was that good.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Bean Trees

A miscarriage is a natural and common event. All told, probably more women have lost a child from this world than haven't. Most don't mention it, and they go on from day to day as if it hadn't happened, so people imagine a woman in this situation never really knew or loved what she had.

But ask her sometime: how old would your child be now? And she'll know.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

There's such a gulf between yourself and who you were then, but people speak to that other person and it answers; it's like having a stranger as a house guest in your skin.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

Solitude is a human presumption. Every quiet step is thunder to beetle life underfoot, a tug of impalpable thread on the web pulling mate to mate and predator to prey, a beginning or an end. Every choice is a world made new for the chosen.
― Barbara Kingsolver

The truth needs so little rehearsal.
― Barbara Kingsolver

Your dreams, what you hope for and all that, it's not separate from your life. It grows right up out of it.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

In my own worst seasons I've come back from the colorless world of despair by forcing myself to look hard, for a long time, at a single glorious thing: a flame of red geranium outside my bedroom window. And then another: my daughter in a yellow dress. And another: the perfect outline of a full, dark sphere behind the crescent moon. Until I learned to be in love with my life again. Like a stroke victim retraining new parts of the brain to grasp lost skills, I have taught myself joy, over and over again.
― Barbara Kingsolver, High Tide in Tucson: Essays from Now or Never

At some point in my life I'd honestly hoped love would rescue me from the cold, drafty castle I lived in. But at another point, much earlier I think, I'd quietly begun to hope for nothing at all in the way of love, so as not to be disappointed. It works. It gets to be a habit.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

Every betrayal contains a perfect moment, a coin stamped heads or tails with salvation on the other side.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

Humans can be fairly ridiculous animals.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

But I've swallowed my pride before, that's for sure. I'm practically lined with my mistakes on the inside like a bad-wallpapered bathroom.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.
― Barbara Kingsolver

But the last one: the baby who trails her scent like a flag of surrender through your life when there will be no more coming after - oh, that's love by a different name. She is the babe you hold in your arms for an hour after she's gone to sleep. If you put her down in the crib, she might wake up changed and fly away. So instead you rock my the window, drinking the light from her skin, breathing her exhaled dreams. Your heart bays to the double crescent moons of closed lashes on her cheeks. She's the one you can't put down.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

Sugar, it's no parade but you'll get down the street one way or another, so you'd just as well throw your shoulders back and pick up the pace.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

If you never stepped on anybody's toes, you never been for a walk.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Prodigal Summer

"I lost a child," she said, meeting Lusa's eyes directly. "I thought I wouldn't live through it. But you do. You learn to love the place somebody leaves behind for you.”
― Barbara Kingsolver, Prodigal Summer

It's frightening when things you love appear suddenly changed from what you have always known.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

Every one of us is called upon, perhaps many times, to start a new life. A frightening diagnosis, a marriage, a move, loss of a job...And onward full-tilt we go, pitched and wrecked and absurdly resolute, driven in spite of everything to make good on a new shore. To be hopeful, to embrace one possibility after another--that is surely the basic instinct...Crying out: High tide! Time to move out into the glorious debris. Time to take this life for what it is.
― Barbara Kingsolver, High Tide in Tucson: Essays from Now or Never

How pointless life could be, what a foolish business of inventing things to love, just so you could dread losing them.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Prodigal Summer

I could never work out whether we were to view religion as a life-insurance policy or a life sentence. I can understand a wrathful God who'd just as soon dangle us all from a hook. And I can understand a tender, unprejudiced Jesus. But I could never quite feature the two of them living in the same house. You wind up walking on eggshells, never knowing which... is at home at the moment.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

Memories do not always soften with time; some grow edges like knives.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Lacuna

Now I'm starting to think he wasn't supposed to be my whole life, he was just this doorway to me.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Prodigal Summer

Silence has many advantages. When you do not speak, other people presume you to be deaf or feeble-minded and promptly make a show of their own limitations.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

To live is to change, to acquire the words of a story, and that is the only celebration we mortals really know.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

No other continent has endured such an unspeakably bizarre combination of foreign thievery and foreign goodwill.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

Morning always comes.
― Barbara Kingsolver

If you want sweet dreams, you've got to live a sweet life.
― Barbara Kingsolver

Thanks for this day, for all birds safe in their nests, for whatever this is, for life.
― Barbara Kingsolver

Literature duplicates the experience of living in a way that nothing else can, drawing you so fully into another life that you temporarily forget you have one of your own. That is why you read it, and might even sit up in bed till early dawn, throwing your whole tomorrow out of whack, simply to find out what happens to some people who, you know perfectly well, are made up.
― Barbara Kingsolver

A human being can be good or bad or right or wrong, maybe. But how can you say a person is illegal? You just can't. That's all there is to it.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Bean Trees

Appreciating while Waiting

I am waiting for the opprotunity to get my saxophone fixed. What is the lesson here? I am listening to as much saxophone music as I possibly can.

It's What you do that Makes your Soul

A mother's body remembers her babies-the folds of soft flesh, the softly furred scalp against her nose. Each child has it's own entreaties to body and soul.
― Barbara Kingsolver

The power is in the balance: we are our injuries, as much as we are our successes.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

As long as I kept moving, my grief streamed out behind me like a swimmer's long hair in water. I knew the weight was there but it didn't touch me. Only when I stopped did the slick, dark stuff of it come floating around my face, catching my arms and throat till I began to drown. So I just didn't stop.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

In a world as wrong as this one, all we can do is make things as right as we can.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Bean Trees

It's what you do that makes your soul.
― Barbara Kingsolver

What keeps you going isn't some fine destination but just the road you're on, and the fact that you know how to drive. You keep your eyes open, you see this damned-to-hell world you got born into, and you ask yourself, 'What life can I live that will let me breathe in & out and love somebody or something and not run off screaming into the woods?
― Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

When we traded homemaking for careers, we were implicitly promised economic independence and worldly influence. But a devil of a bargain it has turned out to be in terms of daily life. We gave up the aroma of warm bread rising, the measured pace of nurturing routines, the creative task of molding our families' tastes and zest for life; we received in exchange the minivan and the Lunchable.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

Memory is a complicated thing, a relative to truth, but not its twin.
― Barbara Kingsolver

Pain reaches the heart with electrical speed, but truth moves to the heart as slowly as a glacier.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

If we can't, as artists, improve on real life, we should put down our pencils and go bake bread.
― Barbara Kingsolver

Misunderstanding is my cornerstone. It's everyone's, come to think of it. Illusions mistaken for truth are the pavement under our feet.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

“It is true that I do not speak as well as I can think. But that is true of most people, as nearly as I can tell.”
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

The most important thing about a person is always the thing you don't know.”
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Lacuna

Love by a Different Name

A first child is your own best foot forward, and how you do cheer those little feet as they strike out. You examine every turn of flesh for precocity, and crow it to the world. But the last one: the baby who trails her scent like a flag of surrender through your life when there will be no more coming after--oh, that' s love by a different name.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

There is a strange moment in time, after something horrible happens, when you know it's true, but you haven't told anyone yet.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

April is the cruelest month, T.S. Eliot wrote, by which I think he meant (among other things) that springtime makes people crazy. We expect too much, the world burgeons with promises it can't keep, all passion is really a setup, and we're doomed to get our hearts broken yet again. I agree, and would further add: Who cares? Every spring I go out there anyway, around the bend, unconditionally. ... Come the end of the dark days, I am more than joyful. I'm nuts.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

Kingsolver Salvation

What I want is so simple I almost can't say it: elementary kindness.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

Close the door. Write with no one looking over your shoulder. Don't try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It's the one and only thing you have to offer.
― Barbara Kingsolver

The changes we dread most may contain our salvation.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Small Wonder

I attempted briefly to consecrate myself in the public library, believing every crack in my soul could be chinked with a book.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

Everybody's Nowhere

Everybody's nowhere is somebody's somewhere.

Barbara Kingsolver

The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

Don’t try to make life a mathematics problem with yourself in the center and everything coming out equal. When you’re good, bad things can still happen. And if you’re bad, you can still be lucky.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

There is no point treating a depressed person as though she were just feeling sad, saying, 'There now, hang on, you'll get over it.' Sadness is more or less like a head cold- with patience, it passes. Depression is like cancer.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Bean Tree

The friend who holds your hand and says the wrong thing is made of dearer stuff than the one who stays away.
― Barbara Kingsolver

Listen. Slide the weight from your shoulders and move forward. You are afraid you might forget, but you never will. You will forgive and remember.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

Everything you're sure is right can be wrong in another place.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

God doesn’t need to punish us. He just grants us a long enough life to punish ourselves.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

Listen. To live is to be marked. To live is to change, to acquire the words of a story, and that is the only celebration we mortals really know. In perfect stillness, frankly, I've only found sorrow.
― Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

But kids don't stay with you if you do it right. It's the one job where, the better you are, the more surely you won't be needed in the long run.
― Barbara Kingsolver, Pigs in Heaven

Crush on Chef Michael (ponytail) Dixon Smith

Okay I'll admit it. I have a crush on Michael Smith. It started Friday night caught my first Chef at Large reruns. Maybe we can get him to come to Woonsocket and I'll bake him my sourdough or give him my olive oil mashed potatoes. And he has a ponytail. Bill says he doesn't have a pony tail anymore. The crush has ended.

"I could marry a man with a pony tail," I say and we both laugh. (My husband Bill has a ponytail!)

About Michael
Food Network Host, Nutritional Activist, Food Media Producer

Chef Michael Smith, one of Canada’s best-known chefs is a passionate advocate for simple, sustainable home cooking and an inspiration for families creating their own healthy food lifestyle. He’s the host of Chef Michaels Kitchen, Chef Abroad and Chef at Home seen on Food Network Canada, Global and in more than 100 other countries. He’s a judge on Chopped Canada and traveled the world for his innovative new web series Lentil Hunter.

Michael is Prince Edward Island’s food ambassador; Canada’s best selling cookbook author, teacher, professional chef and home cook. He led the team of Sodexo chefs that cooked for the worlds Olympians in the Whistler Athletes Village in 2010. His eighth cookbook, Family Meals, hit the bestseller list this summer. His food media production company is breaking new ground online and his Twitter feed is Canada’s top choice for foodie fun.

Although Michael is a true chef at large his favourite role is Dad, home on Prince Edward Island with his wife Chastity and his children; Gabe, Ariella and Camille! Michael is an avid map collector, long-time windsurfer and novice kite sailor.

Jane Katz Swimming for Total Fitness

Swimming for Total Fitness: A Progressive Aerobic Program
by Jane Katz

Swimming is one of the best, most enjoyable, and most effective forms of exercise available, and this is the classic guide for beginners and expert swimmers alike, completely revised and updated.

William Blake

The Chimney Sweeper: When my mother died I was very young

By William Blake

When my mother died I was very young,
And my father sold me while yet my tongue
Could scarcely cry " 'weep! 'weep! 'weep! 'weep!"
So your chimneys I sweep & in soot I sleep.

Amit Sood MD

I have been blown away by the Mayo Clinic book STRESS FREE LIVING by Amit Sood MD. "Free of dogmas and rituals anchored in science, this book can change your life."

Bob Drinkwater Saxophone Repair

The Boston Globe
Saxophone mechanic has gig down to an art
By Cindy Atoji Keene
Globe Correspondent / August 3, 2008

Saxophone mechanic Bob Drinkwater remembers the first time he tried to overhaul an instrument. It was a ragged old alto sax that needed restoration, showing its age with worn-out pads, creaky springs, excessive abrasion on the post, and other wear and tear.

Drinkwater was familiar with woodwinds, and decided to give it a whirl - how hard could it be to bang out the dents and repair it? He disassembled it piece-by-piece, and then looked at the mess of hinge rods, corks, screws, keys, and dozens of other parts lying on the table before him. "This is too much," he thought.

But today, over 25 years later, Drinkwater has saxophone repair down to an art. He is one of the few professional saxophone mechanics in the Boston area, regularly servicing local recording artists such as Gordon Beadle, Doug James, Amadee Castenell, Scott Shetler, and other blues and jazz players, as well as everyday musicians.

Hidden in a cluttered shop tucked behind a loading dock in Stoneham, Drinkwater's tiny enclave is stuffed with musical memorabilia and photographs, as well as an assortment of pliers, files, torches, pads, and other tools of the trade, many of which he has to craft himself to fit the job.

You must have come upon some saxophone repair horror stories over the years. Can you tell me about some of them?
I had one customer who had work done on his baritone sax and then put it in a soft gig bag and had it shipped to Idaho. It was a disaster waiting to happen. The sax got dented, and then I had to fix it all over again. He knew better - I'm not sure why he didn't send it in a more protective container. Another customer, baritone player Doug James, who used to play with Room Full of Blues, also got his instrument repaired. But then he picked up his case - and the handle broke. He was back to square one. He only had one hour to fix his horn before his performance and it just couldn't be done, but luckily he had another baritone he could use. That's what happens when a horn hits the deck.

So how do you get rid of dents like this? I use what's called a dent ball. It's a long rod with a ball at the end of it; the balls come in different sizes depending on the size of the dent. Brass is a soft metal, so it dents easily, and you need to carefully rub or tap the horn surface, being mindful not to raise new dents or put creases in the metal, or even punch a hole in the brass. It can take as little as 30 seconds or as long as two to three hours, depending on how many dents there are.

How did you get into saxophone repair?
I worked for many years building flutes for the Wm. S. Haynes flute factory in Boston. That's where I learned my craft, forging and fitting keys, soldering, filing, assembling, and working in the finishing department. I now put that technology into saxophones.

How much does it cost to get a saxophone fixed?
I charge $40 an hour, and it costs about $600 to get a saxophone overhauled. That includes disassembling the sax, which means I can adjust and tweak the playing performance during the reassembly process. Pads are individually treated, and then leveled and checked for leaks. The spring tension is adjusted, and key vents are optimized for accurate intonation. Then I wipe it down and oil it and play-test it, for any further adjustments.

You don't polish the instruments?
That's one of the biggest things that people do to mess things up. Polish can get into the keys and sludge it up. You need to take the whole horn apart before you polish it.

What are other saxophone enemies?
Another big problem is the weather - if you leave an instrument in the trunk of the car in the summer, the pads can fall off because the heat will melt the glue. Cold weather can do the same thing, making the glue become brittle. Water damage can make the pads swell and eventually dry, crack, and discolor. And don't eat or drink when you're playing. Food particles, particularly sugar, are a problem.

The fact that you're also a musician must help you in repairing these instruments.
Yes, I play the flute, clarinet, and of course, saxophone, both tenor and soprano. In fact, I own six saxophones of my own, and play two of them all the time -sometimes even together at the same time. I perform big band music with the Fred Manzi Trio at ballroom dance halls, mostly for seniors. I'd love to play music full time, but it's practically impossible to make a living at it.

What's the most unusual request that you've received?
I had one fellow who came in; he was recovering from a stroke and could only play a sax with one hand. He had a baritone sax and wanted me to rig it up for one-hand playing. He could hardly pick it up, let alone play the instrument. But I did what I could for him.

You must be quite the handyman, since you're able to fix these instruments.
I'm ambidextrous, and good with my hands. I get into a Zen when fixing instruments, especially when it's a long job. But at home, I'm like a bull in the china shop - I can't even change a light bulb.
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