Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yellow Truck

I dreamed a friend of mine had aged a lot since I saw her last. I could see it in her face. She was still slender but her skin had lost some of its elasticity. She looked tired. She was going home and I was going that way so I took a lift from her. She was driving a HUGE yellow Suburban truck the color of the ones used by city workers. She tried to park it in the city parking lot so she could drive her flat-black low-rider truck home to Cranston. As she tried to maneuver the big yellow vehicle through the lot she scraped against the other vehicles. There were no available parking spaces large enough so she gave up and we traveled in the big yellow Suburban. She drove very fast and I was worried. I was in the back seat wincing. I looked up and I noticed beige, white, and black leotards and tights stashed in a slash in the vehicle's ceiling. I figured she had them there for easy stretch relief.

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