Saturday, August 12, 2017

Teaching Art: Habit is the Muse

A woman I know asked me if I teach painting. She is an accomplished choreographer. I said you will be a natural, you are an artist already. I said no, I don't teach formally but I can give you some pointers. I told her to get a sketchbook, preferably at Joblot so it's cheap and not precious, and to draw her hands and feet each day for 10-20 minutes. Then get a copy of Nicholaides The NATURAL WAY to DRAW. I said that book is better than 4 years of art school!

Teaching teaches me! This is why I can't charge money for it. I feel like the clay vessel soaked by the watering. I have a Senegalese swim student adult male. Each Saturday we meet at the pool next door and I show him another thing to practice. He is my second student. My first student is off on a swimming vacation right now. People ask to learn swimming or art or writing and I say YES, sure! I will show you what I do. Learning should be public and free just like the library.

You will do very well with drawing because you have body knowledge! It may help you to work standing so you feel what you are seeing with your whole body (body as antenna). This is true for me and it is why I am happier as a painter than an illustrator. Painters stand!

For teaching writing I say keep a notebook and carry a pen. When you start your day, start scribbling words or pictures. Soon it will be a habit you can't live without. Habit is the MUSE. Follow what you love in people, cooking, reading, and art.