Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Discussions We Should be Having

The discussion we should be having is about the pain. Why are so many risking their life to stop the pain?

Because it takes a village to build community and an authentically cheerful healthy society.

The billionaires may have needed to take the approach of every man for himself to achieve their goals but to what end? Why are people trying to emulate that model? Money is not love or community. Unless you decide to be a philanthropist with your wealth.

I grew up in a privileged suburb and watched how zero community involvement and every man for himself and drug abuse destroys the village.

We used to have community pools. Now the ideal is to build your own private utopia, the backyard pool. This is just a mini example of a huge shift in our society. And most of those backyard pools are empty all summer.

Why? because it takes a village to learn how to play eat and love.

Our virtual social media world is not social. It's a prophylactic disguised as community interaction. The crisis of young people to keep up with their peers in a virtual playground and the devastation of online bullying is tragic. Perhaps if we rediscovered the tangible world we might be better able to resolve these things.

The automobile is another social prophylactic.

I have friends on my street that are to afraid to get out of their cars or communicate in person. Sometimes I see them when I am walking my dog. Maybe once or twice a year. They still remain in their cars but pull over to chat. They'd rather e-mail me than be face to face. I think this is so strange.

I am an introvert so I do understand the crisis of face to face interaction but on the other hand this is about something far more sinister, FEAR and CONTROL.

adjective: prophylactic

intended to prevent disease.
"prophylactic measures"
synonyms: preventive, preventative, precautionary, protective, inhibitory
"prophylactic measures"

noun: prophylactic; plural noun: prophylactics

a medicine or course of action used to prevent disease.
"I took malaria prophylactics"
synonyms: preventive measure, precaution, safeguard, safety measure; preventive medicine
"a prophylactic against malaria"