Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Dog Stars

Last night on the way to the vet Bill pointed out Canis Major and Canis Minor and Orion in the sky. Shortly after we arrived a bloodhound, a young Australian cattle dog, and a yellow lab puppy and a gray pitbull all showed up in the waiting room. The bloodhound was gigantic with lion's paws. He was very sweet. "We rescued him a year ago, he was an emaciated 70 pounds, now he's 150," the woman said. The cattle dog was cute. "Does he herd your family," I asked. "Yes, he herds our kids nipping at their heels," the owner said. We had our orange cat Sammy in his little green carrier. He tolerated getting his rabies vaccination, his temperature taken, and his nails clipped. I hope he's forgiven us by now.