Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black White Blue Gray

My favorite cow Blue is in the maternity barn at Wright's Dairy Farm. She is all white with a specked blue-black neck and black eyeliner and black nostrils. We visited her and noticed she has black eyebrows that look drawn on, just like MFK Fisher's on the back of her book Long Ago in France. All seven of the maternity barn cows were lying down waiting to have their calves.

On our walk with Lily through the cemetery yesterday afternoon we spotted a family of gray long-haired cats huddled in the doorway of the Berard mausoleum. They must have just been dropped off. When we got home I called all of the local cat rescues, but there were no takers. Around 6PM I called Marissa, who manages Countryside Vet Clinic in Wrentham. She met me on my street and we drove through the cemetery slowly. It was dark and cold. In the headlights I saw one of the gray kittens walk over and curl up under a bush. The cat was friendly and sweet and didn't mind being picked up and held. She was shivering. She didn't even mind being placed in my large green cat carrier. I'll bet these cats were apartment cats and had never been outside their whole lives. We did not find any of the others; I hope they're okay. I will look for them today in the daylight. This one is now safe and warm at the vet clinic. Bill calls her Berard.