Monday, December 27, 2010


My birthday wish was to be in a good mood, knowing I have a fifty-fifty chance on any given day. I was lucky today, and I've been lucky all season, and all my life, really. At fifty I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. I had the most fun this Christmas that I've ever had. Everyone was in a good mood. We talked ourselves hoarse. The blizzard has been a lovely top-off treat.

The storm's wind was noisy last night but somehow we slept well. Bill said the storm's pressure was as low as a hurricane's. It makes you sleepy. This morning I went out into the drifted snow and played ball with Lily in our big yard. She was adorable wearing her red bandanna. She hopped like a bunny after the tennis ball and then dug like a terrier. If a ball gets too deep in the snow, it's harder for her to smell it, so I tried to keep my eyes on where the ball landed. She got better at fetching out of the snow, although we lost one ball.

Later I happily shoveled us out (front stairs and back stairs) but I may have to do the stairs to the big yard (for the oil man) and the sidewalks next. Bill took care of the car which was under a three foot drift.

Tonight it's supposed to be fifteen degrees! I am roasting turkey-apple-sage sausages our butcher made and Yukon gold potatoes. I'll make walnut brownies and maybe go skating, depending on the weather. It's nice to see the neighborhood kids playing in the snow. The snow turned our parking lot into a park!

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