Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Cleaning the Streets in Woonsocket Rhode Island

Go ahead call me crazy, I've been called much worse by my own mother when I was a child. When the streets are clean I must maintain the beauty and pick up the stray bit of trash and dispose of it properly. "I am selfish," I say to the folks who ask me what the hell am I doing. "I do it for me! It's my new workout, I joke, "If I don't clean it up I will pass the same can or cup 8 times in one day, and that drives me nuts. Plus it feels great to have a clean street. This is MY street! I have lived here for 22 years and I walk my dog and walk to the gym a few times a day. Lately I have been enjoying the reactions and stories people tell me when they see me cleaning up. I just smile and listen. Most of the folks who trash the city do it by throwing garbage out of their TANK (car). This PROVES they are COWARDS. Fewer people are spotted dropping crap on the ground. I always carry a big bag full of recycled plastic bags for cleaning up after my dog. I'll hand them to people when they need one.

Just like the no smoking signs in the park, it's a SLOW education process to teach people and reeducate them how to behave.

I wish all of the businesses would stand out front and see how much trash there is and clean it up. Jamie Sullivan is the only Proprietor I know who understands how the customer perceives his business, CLEAN and FRIENDLY has an effect.

When I pass the hot dog joint on my street that has falling apart sign and trash all over I wonder how clean the restaurant is. When I am up at Diamond Hill Plaza in Woonsocket and I see for rent sign next to Piettee Jewlers with a tornado of trash flying around it bums me out.

Trash matters just like personal hygiene.