Sunday, July 08, 2018

Jessica, Sharon, Brenda

I ran into Brenda last night and we had a visit. She's in love! This morning I stepped out with Romeo at 6 AM and ran into Sharon and her Papillon Bella wheeling through the park. On my way home I met a woman named Jessica, who was very weepy and wanted to meet Romeo. "My cousin, she's a published author in the chicken soup book of dogs." She started crying, "She wrote a story about a pit-bull who wouldn't fight and the owner set him on fire. My brother is a corrections officer in the navy stationed in Okinawa. I talk to him every day and my other brother works for electric boat. My other brother just got out of prison after 3 years. I'm going to meet him in Providence today to tell him we all make mistakes. I'm hoping he can come live with me here. I grew up in Pawtucket and ran away at age 15 because my mother abused me. I came here for a new start. Nobody knows my past here. The bummer is, my mother has custody of my kids.
Do you know about Community Care Alliance?
Yes, I start tomorrow 9AM.