Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Morning in the 'Hood

Olivia age 6 held her naked Barbie while sitting on my back steps. The doll had been outside all night, and I had suggested that we wash her. I filled a dishpan with soap and water. "We'll have to put some clothes on her or else she'll get arrested for indecent exposure," I joked.
"My mom takes a bath naked," Olivia replied.
"That's okay she's in her house. If she was taking a bath out on the sidewalk she'd get arrested. Let's wash and dress your doll before the police come and arrest her."
Olivia dunked the doll in the soapy water. "The suds will hide her!" she said. Her brother Adam joined us.

Two bicycle police rode up and stopped to say hello. I burst out laughing. "I just told Olivia to put clothes on her Barbie or the police will come and arrest her. And here you are!" They laughed. Olivia and her brother Adam noticed one policeman had blood trickling down his calf. "Why are you bleeding?" they asked.
"I just chased a thief through the woods. He was robbing businesses on Diamond Hill Road."
"Would you like a band-aid?" I asked. I ran inside to get paper towels, band-aids, and more soap and water.
"How did you know where the robber went?" asked Adam.
"We chased him with the sniffer dog."
"Did the dog bite him?"
"No. The dog just followed the scent. We were right behind the dog and were able to grab the thief."
"I want to be an FBI agent," Adam said.
We said goodbye to the policemen. I noticed that Lily was chewing a lot of grass. "She ate so much grass yesterday that she vomited. I'll have to take her inside," I said. I escorted her through the back door. When I came out, I heard a vomiting noise. "Wait, I thought I just brought Lily inside," I said to Adam and Olivia.
"YOU DID!" they said in unison.
"Then what was that?"
"What was what?"
"That noise from over there," I said, pointing to the far corner of my overgrown yard. "It sounds like Lily vomiting."
"Maybe it's a killer clown," Adam said. "If you want, I can go see."