Saturday, July 29, 2017

Teaching Swimming

I kept my date to teach Amadou my Senegalese swim student. He showed up and demonstrated amazing skill after last week's lesson. We worked on more breathing techniques, and kicking.
"I am so impressed," I said.
"You are a good teacher for me," he said.
"You are a good student, a joy to teach, not many adults are courageous about learning a new skill," I said. "You are fearless!"

"Have you been to the ocean in Rhode Island?
No, I just got here a year ago.
Maybe you can show me, someday.

"Is your family in Senegal?"
"Yes, one mile from the ocean."
"When you go visit you can show them how well you can swim."
Yes, I will.

"I have to go home now and cook" he said.
"What are you cooking?" I asked "Senegalese food?"
"Yes, of course, that is all I know," he said, laughing. "I am cooking meat and rice and vegetables for my roommate. Do you shop at the African store on court street?
Yes, and Price Rite and Stop and Shop.

Now I am dreaming of Senegalese picnic at the beach.