Saturday, July 29, 2017

the neighbors we love

My lovely neighbor took me aside to speak with her through her son age 12. One of the neighborhood kids deliberately scratched her brand new Honda when she asked him to leave her yard. She wants to move away because of this vindictive kid. They are a lovely family with two kids ages 9 and 12 that have made GOOD friends with all of the neighborhood kids so I think this would be a tragedy. The mother is from Brazil and does not speak English just Portuguese but I told her through the son age 12 who translates, "Let me see what I can do to help." I would rather see this resolved than have this GOOD family run away. I also believe the mom is terrified of the police. So, for starters maybe I can help with that. We need an officer that would be willing to listen and help a lovely single mom and her kids. They are the greatest neighbors and I hope we can help them so they feel good about staying. They are smart lovely kids who go back and forth from their Dad's place in New Bedford to here. The mother works very hard and is best friends with the woman on the first floor also from Brazil with 3 lovely sons. She is also a single mom. We need to keep them feeling safe. How I can be of help.

When we came back from our walk

We were told that two adult males fathers of the 9 year old kids who play together, had a physical confrontation involving broken glasses, bruises and pepper spray. Simultaneously and unrelated, at the red buildings another conflict ensued where a baseball bat was used. The sound of breaking glass was heard. We were out walking our dog but got "filled in" when we returned. I was glad to see the bicycle cops and cruisers and rescue as were the neighbors who were all out on their porches and sidewalks. We actually have a neighborhood full of caring people and at moments like these we bond together to reassure each other of our safety. Things just get a bit overly dramatic and scary sometimes.

The good still outweighs the bad. And I am here to say so!