Saturday, April 10, 2010

Loose Puggle

Last night at 6:00 PM a black and tan puggle (pug + beagle mix) with a red collar appeared and began following us when we were walking along Harris Pond. I asked a few neighbors if they had ever seen him before. Nobody had. He didn't have tags. He was totally enamored with Lily and even got his face peed on a few times when he ran up to her while she lifted her leg. He managed to follow us for two miles, right to the intersection of Rathbun and Privilege Streets at the Blackstone/Woonsocket border. The dog would run into traffic following us and I had to stop a few cars. I carry a spare leash, since this has happened before with loose dogs following us, and I tried to hook him up. The dog squirmed away each time I reached to catch him. I asked a guy who was walking toward us while talking on a cell phone if he recognized the dog. He decided to help out and turned around and headed back to Blackstone with the dog following him.