Friday, April 09, 2010


I love uniforms. I even asked my mom if I could go to the parochial school on my street because the girls wore a uniform - plaid grey and maroon skirts and maroon sweaters with white blouses underneath and dark tights! Even when I was 3 years old I remember just wanting to wear my navy blue Danskin turtleneck and pants every single day like a uniform. After college I bought a case of black T shirts and 4 pairs of black jeans and I was set for a few decades. Years ago I read that Georgia O'Keefe wore only black and white and now that makes sense to me. Especially for painters, wearing colors can be a huge distraction, like wearing cologne. These days I get to perform in outfits that are essentially uniforms. And I'll still pick out a piece of clothing, like a vest, and wear it for days on end.