Saturday, July 15, 2017

If only they’d met in a transparent room.

adjective: transparent

(of a material or article) allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen.
"transparent blue water"
synonyms: clear, crystal clear, see-through, translucent, pellucid, limpid, glassy, vitreous More
"transparent blue water"
see-through, sheer, filmy, gauzy, diaphanous, translucent
"fine transparent fabrics"
antonyms: opaque, cloudy, thick
easy to perceive or detect.
"the residents will see through any transparent attempt to buy their votes"
synonyms: obvious, evident, self-evident, undisguised, unconcealed, conspicuous, patent, clear, crystal clear, plain, (as) plain as the nose on your face, apparent, unmistakable, easily discerned, manifest, palpable, indisputable, unambiguous, unequivocal
"a transparent attempt to win favor"
antonyms: ambiguous, obscure
having thoughts, feelings, or motives that are easily perceived.
"you'd be no good at poker—you're too transparent"