Thursday, July 20, 2017

Munroe Dairy Story

Subject: Munroe Dairy Story (re-posted from last August)

Rhode Island Adventure

Today we went to restaurant depot a place I've wanted to go to for 21 years. We bought 8 pounds of kalamata olives, a bucket of refrigerated half sour pickles, cholula hot sauce, sriracha hot sauce, a gallon of molasses, a gallon of soy sauce, a number ten can of chopped tomatoes, 3lbs of gorgeous white fish, three bundles of fresh asparagus and a small mini-log of herbed goat cheese. I almost bought the Irish cheddar wrapped in green wax.

On the way home our 21 year old Honda broke down on 146 in North Providence at 4:30 PM. We called triple A. We ate ice cold pickles to cool off while we waited for the tow truck. Todd Brown KING'S TOWING showed up. "I normally drive in Scituate and Hope Valley," he explained. " Wow, Hope Valley, I love Long pond," I said. "You might see a fat tow-truck guy skinny dipping there on Sunday mornings," he said.
"I went to a nudist summer camp, when I was a kid, so nudity doesn't bother me," I said.
"Riding in the tow truck is fun, it's like being in the milk tanker truck for Munroe Dairy," I said. I got to do that when I made a calendar for them. We're their milkman band."
"I knew I recognized you. I've seen you in the July 4 parade. My parents were longtime Munroe Dairy customers they gave their milkman a key to come in and the code to deactivate the alarm so he could load the milk in the fridge and put the newspaper on the kitchen table. They tipped him fifty bucks a week, for that. I told my parents they were nuts and my father said 'Munroe Dairy's been doing this for over 100 years, of course I trust them.' My dad was a state police captain," he said.
"Do you know State Policeman Kenny Marandola, he's our new neighbor-landlord next door." I said.
"Nice guy!"

We finally got home and my husband had a beer, and I cooked a feast.