Monday, July 03, 2017

Sensory + Cozy Contenment

If I was to describe the waking up to all things okay transmit mood, I would say it is sensory and cozy contentment. Hanging laundry in the sun is a joy. Sitting with the fan blowing on my nearly bald head, is joy. I feel happiness emanating from my crowded urban corner of the world.

I am not panicked anxious or obsessing about anything. This is bliss. It costs nothing, asks for nothing, it is the sensation of feeling A-okay as a creature on this spinning blue planet. It will not last long, it's a seasonal mood cycle but it will last long enough to take notes.

Speaking of blue I am enjoying Steve Osborne's memoir (THE JOB: True Tales of a NYC Cop), so much that I might have to write him a FAN LETTER.