Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stories from the Neighborhood

He told me when he was a kid in the Bronx, he tagged a subway car with his friends. It wasn't supposed to go anywhere. We were in the tunnel workin' away and then a train came. It wasn't supposed to. "We had cans of paint on the tracks and I had to hide fast! BOOM BOOM We got covered in paint! I went home after that. I was sick to my stomach. I'll never do that again.

I was in prison and the guard didn't believe I was 40 at the time. Now I am 60 today's my birthday and STILL nobody believes me.

I walk into my living room and there's a kid watching cartoons, but it's not my kid! It's a little boy from the building. "Hi honey you can't stay here," I said.

I followed my sister to Douglas Massachusetts but I was talking to the trees I was so bored so I came back here. One thing I can admit, it's never dull around here. Not at this intersection. We've got ladies of the night, guys throwing lit shit into the windows next door, and up at the 4 way stop a guy hit a guy with his van and then backed up and drove over him twice, in broad daylight at ten am! But they got him. It was a lover's quarrel! I was told.