Saturday, June 23, 2018

Early Bird

This morning on my walk with Romeo I picked up a few stray bits of trash. When I went to toss it I spotted a stack of 11 x 17 white paper on top of a large Styrofoam box right beside the big blue dumpster. I was about to heave the paper inside the dumpster so it didn't blow all over the city when I noticed that the pages were in pristine condition except for one drop of dried blood on the side. This must've been why they decided to throw it out. I carried the heavy ream of loose paper draped over my arm on the whole downtown walk. I was also carrying my thermal coffee mug and guiding Romeo on his leash with the other hand. It started to rain. I worried that the paper would get ruined. I should ask the window lady at the Burger King drive though for a plastic bag, I thought, but then the rain stopped and I made it home. On Wednesday morning, at 5AM I found a ten dollar bill in the Walgreen's parking lot. The early bird does get the worm.

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