Monday, March 16, 2009


I was out on the bike path with Lily-dog early this morning and we saw a red fox crossing the soccer field. I bet he heard the noisy sound of Lily's kibble in the Altoids tin getting jostled as we walked. I stopped and slowly walked towards him. The fox looked right at us. He stared and we stared, all of us perfectly still and then he went behind the black chain-link fence and crossed the railroad tracks and disappeared! He must love it here, there's a waterfall of fresh water and many places to hide. Good thing my dog wasn't off her leash and good thing she isn't a fox hound or coon hound, she would have taken off to chase it! He reminded me of a Shiba Inu, or a Corgi. His body was red-brown, the color of burnt sienna. His neck and chest were white. His tail was bushy!

Lily and I walked to the Manville dam, a gorgeous waterfall. Along the way I saw a man wearing a hat and sunglasses walking briskly, carrying a golf club. I knew the golf course was not close by. He was carrying it for protection. He was so frightened that he didn't realize how frightening he was! When I tell people about the bike path they all ask "Is it safe?" On the way home I saw two swans on the river. I was imagining a business that could be called Tandemonium, a tandem bike rental place so people could ride together and not be scared to go on the bike path!