Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sixy-Four Round Trips

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and reading the New York Times made it much worse. Finally after a dark day I raced to the pool before I missed my chance. This time I decided to count since my bathing cap made me go faster. I did five round trips in under five minutes so I kept swimming and kept counting, glancing at the clock every so often. After the first 20 round trips I put on my flippers.

I only had to stop once when my left arch of my foot cramped but I was able to massage it and then continue.

The pool attracted more people as closing time approached. The pool was, like the United Nations, delightfully diverse and this also made me feel very good.

My bad mood lifted! Next time I will swim rather than read the New York Times.

Our local pool is 60 feet long, and I counted a lap as one round trip. So I have to figure this out...

How many laps makes a mile when swimming in a 60 foot length pool? Each round-trip lap is 120 feet, about 64 laps at 120 feet per lap, and 5280 feet per mile, so 64*120/5280 = 1.45 miles, and this took me an hour.

My fantasy is to 'swim to Cuba' by swimming daily in my neighborhood pool.

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