Saturday, March 18, 2017

More Mush

It looks like I'll be eating mush for a while. My carrot potato ginger soup was good. And the leftover pasta with mozzarella and sausage and spinach pureed in the blender was good too. Italian baby food?

I keep bumping into the stitches feeling the thread and the knot with my tongue and teeth.

Today Lily and I walked to Edgewater drive and trekked through the snowy woods. I was surprised that it was virgin snow. I would imagine other dog walkers would've walked through there since Tuesday's blizzard.

When Lily and I got home Bill and I went out to price Rite and bought more soon to be goopy foods: yogurt and turnips and sweet potatoes and carrots. I forgot to buy spinach but I bought sorbetto and whipped cream which is a first.

I had to fill the pain prescription for Tylenol with codeine since two nights of agony was enough. The doctor had offered me Percocet but I was too afraid to try it after all of the Prevention Coalition stories.

When we got home I sprayed whipped cream on top of my coffee (three times!) and added salt and cinnamon. I rarely eat sugar so my mouth was feeling weird from that too. So I carefully brushed my teeth.

I am camping in my dining room with late afternoon sun and the radio is playing WCRB FM classical music. The doc told me the mouth heals fast. But time slows down when you are in pain.