Thursday, March 16, 2017

Orphan Treasures

I'm sitting in my newly oiled orphan chair in the double-wide living room. This room was once a porch and is as wide or narrow as a double-wide trailer. It fills with 4 mammals for the winter and requires vacuuming every 3 days. But that's okay as long as the vac is not squirreled away.

The moon rose over the intersection or was it setting? Probably setting.

It is sheer ice out there.
I might have to drive to a safe place to walk Lily. The snowy-slush hardened to cement.

I would die without the classical music station. It's playing in every room. Brain freshener.

My husband says I collect things I find because I am an orphan collecting orphans. I used to even collect orphan food at the "Dented Can" thrift store 20 years ago. The pasta had bugs and the mayo was spoiled. The place shut down, thank God.

I eat candy I find on the street. If it's unopened.

Even my neighborhood was an unwanted orphan but of course now it's the trendy hot place to live.
Patience is a virtue.