Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Readers Love Readers

Lily and I stepped out. I wore my red wellington's for the first time, and my red fleece hat and red fleece gloves and purple varsity jacket over two layers of fleece and a yellow fleece scarf. It was sunny and people were digging out and mostly sanding and salting the slippery walkways. We made it to the public library walking on top of snow leaving no tracks because it was frozen solid. Places that were shoveled were more treacherous because they melted and froze leaving glass surfaces. Lily slipped a few times but no harm done. The lovely librarian let me renew my book for the third time. "I read three books in between!" I confessed. "If there are no holds I can renew it for you," she said smiling. Readers love readers. Athletes love athletes and eaters love eaters. Musicians love musicians and poets love poets.