Sunday, June 25, 2017

Food and Love

Last night when I stepped out into the back yard our Brazilian neighbors next door had inflated a plastic pool and set up a BBQ. They offered us a taste of the amazing Brazilian meats they buy in Milford. They invited us over to join them and we accepted.

We ran the extension hose through their chain link fence so they could fill the pool with water. The young boys were visiting their mom and having so much fun dunking each other and bouncing on the rim of the pool. The water was ice cold but they got used to it and warmed up.

I pointed to the window and Allesandra said, "That's my parrot." I looked in and he was in a huge white cage next to her white washing machine. "I speak to him and he says Eu te amo and I love you."
"He's bilingual," I said, laughing. "You have a bilingual parrot! In your laundry room!"

Victoria was visiting with her niece who wants to be a veterinarian and is studying at Norfolk Aggie agricultural school. Allesandra's older son Edlyn moved here from Saugus two days ago. They are a sweet family. Allesandra gave me a tour of her apartment. She asked us if we wanted to hear her sing. We said yes and she played a YouTube video of herself singing Neil Diamond's "I Am I Cry," in Portuguese. We loved it.

Then Allesandra received a call and was speaking to relatives in Brazil. She showed me the real time image of her young niece's face on the phone.

We had a few laughs trying to tell stories in English while Victoria's niece used Google translate for the Portuguese. Food and love are the universal language.