Friday, June 30, 2017

Lazy Summer Salad

When I am hungry and being my athletic self I am always thinking about my next meal or rather my next half a dozen meals. I used to be a prep cook in restaurants so I tend to still cook the way I did, as if I had ten children. Perhaps the real reason is I am impatient and lazy. When I make the effort I want to coast a little. So when I bake bread I make 4- 6 loaves and when I make granola I make three pounds. Last week I made six pounds of German potato salad and a tub of buttermilk coleslaw.

Yesterday I pressure cooked 2 pounds of tricolor penne rigate pasta in 3 inches of water and a bloop of olive oil. It was ready in 4 minutes! I saved the leftover pasta stock in the fridge. Then I made a simple oil vinegar mustard salt sugar Adobo garlic salad dressing and poured it over the pasta. I grated about 8 carrots and chopped up two red onions, I added a cup of green olives stuffed with pimentos, and a few more sprinkles of Adobo.

I had soaked a pound of kidney beans all day and decided to pressure cook them in the pasta stock and enough water to cover the beans. They were ready and delicious in only 20 minutes. We ate the pasta salad and had the beans for "dessert".

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