Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Walking Lily

On my walk I met a girl who is staying with friends while her dad is in rehab. We had a chat about the drug epidemic and Narcan training and then we talked about our rescue dogs. "I saw a duck on the pond with ducklings. When I went over I saw that her foot was tangled in fishing line so I got a towel and wrapped her. Her wings were flapping but I was able to cut off the fishing line," she said.
"That's so great, you're a hero," I said. I told her about the mocking bird dive bombing me and Lily this morning.

On the way home the boys on Jade Street were rolling down their steep grassy lawn. Lily climbed up next to them and threw herself on her back and rolled with them. It made us laugh. Then their dad called to them from the back yard. As I was walking away I heard the boys tell their mom about Lily rolling with them. It was so cute.