Monday, June 11, 2018

Rapid or Static Change in Daylight + Mood

June is a difficult month for those of us whose moods are affected by the changing length of day. It's not whether the day is long or short, it's the rate at which the day-length is changing.

June being the month of the longest day, the changeability is at a near standstill.

By July, the length of day is decreasing ever more rapidly and registers in my brain as what I call 'transmit-mode.' This joyful mood carries through into August, and September.

Things rapidly wind down by late October, and the slow, difficult, internal 'receive-mode' is ascendant from November to December and into January.

My brain registers the rapidly increasing length of day with lifted 'transmit-mode' spirits in February and March. I call these the 'whoosh' months.

Then things slow down and become internal again. The length of day stagnates. This is why April, May, and June can be emotionally tough.