Saturday, May 27, 2017


I dreamed I saw a white snowy owl on Carter Ave in the bushes. I circled around to show Sandy, a girl who used to live in my neighborhood. There was also an orange tiger cat nearby just like my former cat O.J.

I dreamed I was on a walk and I ran into my former dog Lucy (a coon hound) being walked by the lady next door. Lucy was her dog. I wondered out loud, "Does she remember me?" And my husband said "No, dogs don't do that." I pet her and noticed the lady looked like Lucy. "Your brown hair looks just like Lucy's long ears," I said.

I dreamed I was in the pool and had been swimming for an hour. I was on the verge of leaving when a class started and they wanted me to stay. "Oh please don't be offended, I just have to go," I said. I stayed for a few more minutes and noticed the pool was full of tropical fish they were small like neon tetras but they were zebra fish. "Hey, there's fish in here," I said. They knew all about it.