Saturday, May 27, 2017

Raised by a Narcissist

Another excellent article on Narcissism.

13 Ways Being Raised by a Narcissist Can Affect You
By Dan Neuharth, PhD MFT

When you were growing up did one or both of your parents:

Criticize or second-guess your choices?
Ruin happy times with their selfish behavior?
Give you gifts with strings attached?
Forbid you to disagree with them or punish you for doing so?
Use guilt or pressure to make you put their needs first?
Have a come-here/go-away style that was confusing and unsafe?
Behave unpredictably?
Over-scrutinize you?
Create drama, scapegoating and disharmony in your family?
Seem never satisfied with you?
Play the martyr?
Become unhinged by your questions or independence?
Tell you that you could trust them, then disappoint or use you?
Minimize or ridicule your feelings and desires?
Need to be the center of attention or dominate conversations?
Leave you feeling trapped, unloved, hopeless or helpless?