Monday, May 29, 2017


I dreamed I was in a huge construction truck riding through Providence. I was directing my older brother Shawn how to get out of the city. I looked out the window as we drove up College Hill near Brown University and I saw Meryl Streep in a Victorian costume squirting a plastic water bottle. Did you see Meryl Streep, I asked my brother. She went to Brown University but she's probably here doing a movie. Then I was a passenger in another truck guiding us as my brother's truck followed. We drove around a flooded muddy dugout street and then there were spikes in the road. I was afraid Shawn would puncture his tires and maybe the driver leading us was deliberately trying to lose him. I told the driver I have to get out now so my brother can find me. When I stood on the street my brother caught up to me and got out. "You don't know where we're going do you?" He asked. He had a North Dakota accent which was a surprise since he has always lived in NYC. "I do but there's been lots of problems in the road and many detours," I said.