Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Garage Mystery

"The activity at garage four is always puzzling to us. They do strange things like remove a wheel, take off door panels and open the hood but not do any obvious engine work. There is no electricity in these garages. It doesn't seem like they are really trying to sell cars or do real car repair. We have often had the sense something else was up, possibly drug-related. The people involved act shifty and paranoid. All the guys who've had this garage were up to nonsense," he said.

"After being relatively quiet for a while, the garages have been quite active nearly daily. There are five dead cars of theirs getting moved around and they sometimes have no license plates and then they have plates again. Some disappear and then reappear. We wonder if these cars are being used for drug distribution around the city. And if the "car repair" is basic hiding of drugs in wheel wells and door panels and engine compartments. Just a thought. It's what the last guy was up to we're pretty sure."