Friday, June 02, 2017

Love and Acceptance

Last night at supper I told my husband I was ass-dragging blue all day compared to the high flying day prior. My wise husband said "You're still in receive-mode, just because your two-mile swim bumped you into transmit-mode for a day doesn't mean you are not still in receive-mode. Don't try to push it by swimming a million laps, just swim and accept it." I knew he was right and yes I thought I had 'cured' myself of receive-mode by swimming hard. "I guess I'm not a navy seal," I said. "You're a harbor seal," he replied.

I went to the pool this morning and swam 51 laps. It was crowded with swimmers, talkers, waders and splashers. I felt slow and blue and agitated but when I got home my dog was smiling and wagging so we set out for a walk and kept going all the way to the pond and soon I was feeling better. Sometimes I need the long walk to gain perspective especially when everything is happening right here in my neighborhood.

When Lily and I finally reached the dead end near the pond I saw the little pink and silver decorated car and driver I recognized. The driver was a very tall broad shouldered man impeccably dressed as an elegant middle aged blonde woman in heels. She was with a shorter man who was wearing a white T-shirt and khakis and they were assembling red and blue beach chairs, two fishing poles and a yellow tackle box. I said, "hello," passing them on my way down to the path. "Pretty puppy," the driver said. "Thanks, she's a sweetie," I replied. Lily swam fetching the stick twice, just enough to cool off and then we returned to the road. The two characters were still gathering their things. I noticed the passenger was now wearing a woman's outfit too. Now they were both dressed as colorful buxom ladies in bright flower-print dresses heading off for a day of fishing on the pond. They looked like they were starring in a BBC British mystery. "It's a real beach day," I said. "I heard it might rain between one or two o'clock. I hope I won't be cold. I brought my umbrella just in case," the driver said, her striped rainbow-colored umbrella tucked under her arm. "Now it definitely won't rain! Enjoy!" I said, smiling as they headed down the path.