Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Philanthropic Dream

If I was a philanthropist I would build an Olympic-sized city pool so all the children of Woonsocket could learn to swim and have swim lessons for free. This would be important water safety training for the rest of their lives. The pool would be centrally located near the community garden and the public library. Families and kids could build a life of swimming reading at the library and going to the park downtown. In the summer it would be like a build it yourself urban summer camp.

There would be a special library course over the summer so kids could learn to write cursive and tell time from an analog clock.

Self Sustainable Aquatics Funding


Gregg said...

Your idea is so right! Sounds perfect for a community building, people first movement. Why don't you organize a neighborhood meeting and re-introduce this concept to the town? Maybe a philanthropist will emerge from within the neighborhood? Even if a philanthropist does not come forward, maybe the town would consider creating a budget for it! Don't worry about the liabilities issues counter arguments you will surely receive in your first go round. People learn to watch out and protect each other when given the proper space. Lead with your abundant creativity and the town will surely follow.