Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pauper or Millionaire

I have problems getting money for what I do, and part of the problem is I don't like to chase people. I am ambitious but I don't chase people; I chase my art. Currently a local collector has agreed to buy one of my more expensive paintings, but he seems to require my chasing him for every penny including the down payment. This drives me nuts! Meanwhile I am doing everything I want to do as if money didn't matter; playing music, writing, painting, swimming, dancing. Pauper or millionaire, my goal is the same.


Anonymous said...

You are making so much work recently it seems, and having so much productivity is going to make people chase YOU!! I hope that the painting deal goes through though. I wish I could live in your attic. Your life seems like it is never drab and never involved in something you don't want to do. I am so impressed and in awe with what you make possible for yourself.
Baking has just re-entered my life, and it is not just a holiday affair for us either.
all of my love.

Anonymous said...

Chase him down, pin him to the ground and make him spit out the money.

People think it's okay to slight creative people because what we do isn't really work.

They wouldn't pull that shit with a plumber.