Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Conspicuous Characters

There were a few conspicuous characters up to trouble on Rathbun as I set out with Lily this afternoon about 1:30 and a crazy guy in the street yelling who may have been connected to them. A couple of guys in a big army green jeep with gigantic tires kept circling them. I almost ran back home to call the police but then I saw a familiar light grayish compact undercover Ford police car I recognized and there was a little fingers-waving hello from the hand on the steering wheel. The tinted windows prevented me from seeing which detective was driving but I recognized the license plate. I kept walking north and stopping and turning to watch the crazy guys walking south on Rathbun. One of them said something about Social Street. They cut through the Church, All Saints. Then the undercover car came round again and I was very glad to know he was probably focused on the same issue. My husband later asked me what the crazy guy was yelling at. I have no idea, they were too far down the street for me to see, I said. He said maybe the crazy yelling guy was taunting the undercover detective. That happens all the time, sadly. Unfortunately it is one of the unnerving aspects of an already stressful yet fascinating job. The detectives love their work as much as the artists, teachers, bakers, chefs, nurses, firemen, writers, musicians, doctors, set designers, city planners, engineers, architects, glass-blowers, dentists, plumbers, veterinarians, and auto mechanics that I know. They all share this in common; people devoted to their work. AMEN. That is the GIFT. To love your work. The more you do it the better you get at it until you get too old and demented and decrepit and die.