Thursday, April 06, 2017

Conversation on Edgewater Drive

"Drugs are everywhere, there was an overdose right here, on Edgewater Drive a guy collapsed and was foaming at the mouth. All the neighbors came and gathered to help. They called 911 and the police showed up and gave him Narcan and he was revived. When the neighbors heard it was a drug overdose they immediately tuned on him. 'He must've been the one that stole out of my car, garage, house,' they said. I have no compassion for drug addicts, the man said. Not one iota. My childhood neighborhood was destroyed by drugs. We'd go to the park to play and there'd be a guy passed out with a needle stuck in his arm. Now they have that stuff that's much worse."
"Fentanyl," I offered.
"Yeah, that's it. I grew up Framingham Massachusetts in an all American neighborhood and then it got ruined by heroin. This was in the 60's. I have no compassion. They stick the needle in their arm or between their toes, they are making a decision," he said. "I'm sorry to go off on you, about the drugs."
"It's okay, it's interesting," I said.