Sunday, April 23, 2017

COZY is...

Cozy is the feeling after swimming across the pond. Cozy is the smell of baking bread or granola or meatloaf or anything good. Cozy is coming inside after shoveling the driveway. Cozy talking with a friend. Cozy is watching fish swim in a fishtank with the lights off. Cozy is small white Christmas Lights at night. Cozy is a fire in the fireplace and telling stories or playing chess with the dogs nearby. Cozy is laughter. Cozy is knowing who to call. Cozy is washing clothes while reading. Cozy is making a pot of coffee while sweeping the floor. Cozy is sewing the right outfit for yourself that you will love forever. Cozy is having kids over to write poems and draw. Cozy is making cookies for new neighbors. Cozy is a picnic in the backyard with Mayor Police Chief and all the folks who care about the neighborhood.