Monday, April 10, 2017


I dreamed that three gray and white pitbulls were loose in the park biting my hands. I was wearing heavy sheeps wool gloves so I didn't get hurt but i was worried about the little kids who regularly walk through the area. I found the loose yellow cover of the phone book where we keep emergency phone numbers and the numbers were bitten off by the pit-bulls! Somehow I reached the police on the phone.

In real life we saw a strange man come into the shared parking lot. He was carrying a hammer. He climbed up the garage stairs belonging to the landlord. We didn't recognize him. He looked like hell. He snipped the lock on the fence and went into the upper garages. I called the police and they showed up and we gave them a detailed description of the man and his outfit. "He was wearing black sandal slippers with white socks, short midcalf baggy jeans, a white t-shirt and a yellow rag dangling from his back pocket. He had a white baseball cap on and he was stocky. We found out later from the landlord that he was hired to empty the unpaid garage. He carried the hammer in case the tenant showed up. Nice. Welcome to the neighborhood.