Thursday, April 06, 2017

Dumplings on Mars, Knishes on Jupiter.

Some of my wounds that have become windows:

Writing as suicide prevention, and a cure for loneliness and out sized emotions; 200 filled notebooks later I suffered a great side effect: I became a person who writes and loves to write. A writer?

Baking and cooking to avoid stomach aches I became an expert bread maker soup maker. I have a food survival instinct. Granola and bread are the weekly basics, greens and beans, sausages, salads and soups. INTERNATIONAL, UNIVERSAL SOUL FOODS.

Dumplings on Mars, knishes on Jupiter. Physical sensitivity, anxiety rage and moods became relieved by swimming, dancing, running, and walking and reading. I was told by the QUEEN that I didn't read and taken to the shrink to read aloud and discuss. I discovered the books that I love to read. I don't like novels. I love memoirs and spiritual teachings of the world. I love poetry and cookbooks. I go to the library on my walk almost daily.