Sunday, April 16, 2017

My Dream: Soul Food of All Nations + The HOPEFUL LOCAL

What interests me is how we are connected by the commonality and communion of making sharing and eating food at a table. Today I am thinking of the neighborhood. Fr. Dennis and his dawn mass outside in front of his church, on our street.

The children having eater egg hunts and the people in our beloved city who come from war torn countries and villages to make Woonsocket their home.

We have a fabulous community of spiritual leaders who are visible and circulate at city events. We have a fabulous Mayor, Police Chief Fire Chief and all of the staff in City Hall are amazing. I LOVE WOONSOCKET RHODE ISLAND. Neighbors on my walk, the 2 mile loop, have become good friends.

My dream is to learn the cooking styles of my neighbors born in India, Africa, Thailaind, Brazil, and more.

The woman who owned my house owned the neighborhood and she felt the same way. She would make food and share it with the neighborhood. Maybe I will make pizzelles!

As national politics have become too much I relish the opportunity to sink into the hopeful local.