Friday, April 07, 2017

Woonsocket is a Literary City

If I told you Woonsocket RI is a perfect literary city. Perfect for a writer you might laugh but I am going to say it anyway because I have been living and writing here for 29 years and the love keeps growing. My writer friend Daniel came to see me and he drove around and was amazed by this place.

It seems like an innocuous little former mill town until you start walking around with your ears eyes and heart wide open. We have AUTHENTIC SINCERE kind and friendly people from all over the world and many are from here.

We have hills and architecture and stories overflowing from the mouths of everyone. I especially love listening to the stories of the 89 year olds who have lived here their whole lives.

We have three elderly and assisted living high rises downtown and I walk by them all the time with Lily and listen to the stories. Lily gets all of the credit, she is a literary dog with a patient and calm disposition. She loves the library and has a special post out front in view of the circulation desk. Steve the maintenance man shovels a spot for her every storm. What a world!