Friday, April 07, 2017


I dreamed I misplaced my sunglasses and my swimming goggles. I wandered around looking for them and found them.
I dreamed my friend Clarrissa had a wall made of a huge of tropical fish tank in her bedroom. I was lying down on her bed staring at the fish.

In real life I am obsessed with making an aquarium. Fish are CALMING but they do require regular maintenance. I had a ten gallon tank when I was in 5th grade and I loved it. I even bred fish They always hatched on the full moon. I made backdrops. I enjoyed taking care of it. I have a menagerie and chores already but I have a desire for CALMING effects of watching fish. I even won a free fish tank from a raffle at the pet store but asked the pet store give it to another customer. Yes, I am crazy. I have trouble with gifts. It takes me decades to open or use a Christmas or Birthday gift. Whenever I am in transmit I want the fish tank. When I am in receive-mode I am relieved that I don't have extra responsibilities. Time will tell. Every Spring I say I should move my sewing machine into my studio but in 22 years I have never done it.