Monday, April 03, 2017

Porcupine Meatballs

I am crazy. I have wanted to make this recipe for all of the 40 years I have owned my Presto pressure cooker. Anyway I finally did it today at 6AM, and it was fun! I doubled the amount of rice and added more chopped onion and I used ground turkey and chicken broth. So I didn't follow the recipe at all. I used it as a guide. Then I made them again using cubed bread Worcestershire sauce and onion and ground turkey and red chili flakes. They were both excellent. Then I made chocolate pudding and vanilla pudding using milk cocoa and cornstarch and vanilla and coffee. Next time I will use the double boiler. I filled my tiny pudding cups.
Tomorrow I might make meatballs using beef and tomato sauce or else I'll make them using beans. I've been thinking about hand held soul food of all nations.
My idea: Word of Mouth Soul Food Cooking and Baking Lessons