Friday, April 14, 2017

HELLO Woonsocket? RI Zoning Laws are here to Protect the Residents

What's the purpose of a zoning law if it can't be enforced? There's a huge population of multi-family apartments with a big number of families occupying them. Every SPRING the auto repairs and motorcycle clubs start taking over the parking lots stealing them from the rent-paying families and children that live here. It's no wonder that the kids turn to drugs. The absentee landlords are, ah absent. They are never here to defend their property or their tenants. If we can't protect the rights of the residents what's the point of having zoning laws? There are over 22 families all with children affected by the nonsense in the neighborhood parking lot. This amounts to about 60 people affected by one slumlord who allows one resident to tear apart three cars with his three friends. They're making a racket and polluting the air spraying the cars and banging around taking out engines, and pouring oil into my garden after dark. We are not ZONED FOR AUTO REPAIR SHOPS in densely-populated residential areas. Last Summer one of the guys got very hurt putting in shock-absorbers without the right equipment. Luckily I was home and could dress his bloody wounds. Would this be happening on the wealthy side of town?

Pawtucket sample:
Requirements for repairing and washing vehicles. Repairing shall be limited to minor repair work, such as tire or tube repairing, battery charging, lubrication, engine tuneups and similar type work, and must be conducted wholly within a building. Repair work shall not include any body work. Storage of all merchandise, auto parts and supplies shall be conducted wholly within a building. If washing of vehicles occurs inside or outside a building, the entire washing area shall be paved and all the water used in such washing shall be properly drained on site with no runoff onto the public right-of-way. All outdoor activities shall be screened from adjoining residential zones by a four-foot-high compact evergreen screen or tight board fence.

Auto body repair shops. In granting a special use permit for the construction of an auto body repair shop, the following standards for development shall apply:
The minimum lot size shall be 10,000 square feet in an MB Zone and 20,000 square feet in an MO Zone.
All structural and cosmetic work made on motor vehicle bodies shall be conducted within a fully enclosed structure of at least 3,000 square feet in area.
Buildings shall be set back at least 25 feet from the street right-of-way and at least 20 feet from any other property line.
Auto body repair shops that store inoperable vehicles, automotive parts or trash out-of-doors shall erect a commercial opaque fence of six feet in height along all side and rear property lines. The fencing or wall shall be reduced in height when approaching a street line to provide proper visibility where an adjacent driveway exists or is to be established.
Each auto body repair shop shall have as a minimum one parking space for every 1,000 square feet of gross floor area or two employees on maximum working shift, whichever is greater.
Each auto body repair shop shall have as a minimum two access drives from abutting City streets, neither of which shall exceed 20 feet in width. Associated curb cuts shall conform to Chapter 351, Streets and Sidewalks, Article IX, Curb Cuts and Driveway Openings.